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    Brad Marshall

    Where do I find the `manifest.json` file? I thought it would be in the assets, but cannot find it.

    Thank you!

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    Jennifer Rowe (Edited )

    Hi Brad,

    Again, you've caught me without the doc ready! I'm working on a Export doc.

    But here's what you do:

    Click the options (gear) menu on the theme, then select Export.

    When you finished editing the manifest file, you can re-import it by clicking Import in the upper-right of the Themes page.

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    Jennifer Rowe

    Brad, I edited my commend to add the all-important import step, if you edit the manifest file. 

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    Brad Marshall

    Okay, so there is no way to modify that single file, but rather I have to export/import to modify the manifest.json. Correct? 

    Thank you for your help!

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    Jennifer Rowe

    That's right, Brad. You have to export the theme to modify the manifest file.

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    It will be good idea to have examples on range, and text types.

    Please also document the rules that you run.

    We noticed, if we use "list" type with only one option, manifest won't pass validation stage (while theme is being imported after upload). It took a while to find out this which I think is decision by design (i.e a list with one option shouldn't be allowed anyway).

    Thank you

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    Is there a way to make a hidden type of variables? For example, it would be good to save the media queries breakpoints which are not needed to be editable in the Theming Center?

    Thanks for the great update!

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    Augusto Cravo Silva (Edited )


    We are woking on adding better error messages on import. These will tell you the exact reason why Import failed.



    Our vision with the Theming Center (TC) variables is to allow less experienced people to do smaller tweaks in the theme that don't require a theme developer.

    It feels you are looking for SCSS variables :) We currently don't support SCSS compilation in TC but you can still compile SCSS into CSS offline and then import it. We have an example of that in

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    Trapta (Edited )

    @Augusto Cravo Silva,

    I have a different update here :)

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    Devorah (Edited )

    I just spent a while trying to figure out why I couldn't add any new variables to my manifest.json file. Each time I got this cryptic import error:

    The property '#/settings/0/variables/0' of type object did not match any of the required schemas

    I finally figured out you can't put raw text into "label" and "description" fields. Instead you have to add a translation key to AT LEAST the default locale in the translations directory and point "label" and "description" to that newly created key.

    It would be great if you could add this caveat to the documentation - it wasn't clear.



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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Thanks for the heads up on that, Devorah! I'll pass your feedback along in our Documentation team!

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