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  • Alberto Iaccarino


    if we do make changes to the code and have to save them are we really talking about a preview (?) or am I missing something ?

  • Kelsa Henry

    HI Jennifer,

    It appears that there is customer theme with the status 'live'. Before clicking I want to understand, do any changes affect the enter knowledge base od just the brand itself?


  • Augusto Silva
    Zendesk team member


    In Theming Center, we see Preview as the action of experiencing your Help Center with a different theme than the published one, not as the action of seeing unsaved changes. We suggest that you don't edit the Published theme but instead duplicate it, do all the changes and when the new one is ready, publish it.


    If your theme is Live, changes will immediately affect how your customers see your Help Center. As mentioned above, we recommend that you make a copy of your theme and edit the copy instead.


    Hope this helps :)

  • Alberto Iaccarino


    This is confusing and I would change "Preview" to "Try it as a different user"

    This is a big change from your previous UI, and the fact remains that Preview, as intended in most software environments, is no longer available because we have to commit the changes and there is no way, I can see, to cancel (apart from manual backups).




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