Searching, linking, and quoting content in tickets

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  • Kelsey Davis

    Really excited for this and signed up for EAP. And especially one feature being - Enable you to insert a quote from the article - how will that show in the report? Will this come up as the article linked/used?

  • Kirsten Flores

    How does this differ from the Knowledge Capture app? Is there a comparison between the two? 

  • Allison S.

    Yes, same question as Kirsten. I'm not fully understanding the main differences, besides the ability to filter by label or placement (like we can do in Zendesk Guide). Seems like the majority of the benefits are what is currently offered in the KC app?

    We definitely enjoy the KC app, but I'd like to understand how the Knowledge app is even better! Thank you!

  • Slava Skorbezh

    It looks great. But I’ve noticed that it’s not possible to search until you apply filters. You should fix it :) 

  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you all for the great comments here :-) Lemme try and respond:

    Kelsey Davis - We are working on adding a new type of event in the report so that you can see the amount of quotes. It will be a separate number from the amount of links.

    Kirsten Flores and Allison S. - There's definitely some overlap and eventually the new Knowledge app will fully replace KC App. For now the main differences are that the Knowledge app has quoting, it supports community content in addition to articles, and it has more search options, and a more convenient UI placement. KC App includes article flagging and creation which we are planning to add to the Knowledge app later.

    Slava Skorbezh - Sounds like a bug, and I know we've just been working on fixing a related thing, so this will definitely be fixed.

  • Kelsey Davis

    Thanks Kasper Sørensen that's great to hear. Until then, will it count as linked or we won't be able to see at all until then? Thanks

  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We don't have those events in the Knowledge Capture reporting just yet, but will add them shortly.

  • Kelsey Davis

    Thanks Kasper Sørensen I don't have the filters in bold:

    • Help center (specific brand/s)
    • Article placement (such as category/section)
    • Community topic
    • Content type (for example, an article or community post)
    • Language
    • Labels

    For the second point I am not using community though so this is fine, however community post is available for point 3, so I assume should still be an option.

    Can you help?

  • Reneé Lasswell

    I have a few questions and requests. :)

    1. Do links inserted via the Knowledge App trigger the same functionality that links inserted via the Knowledge Capture app such as when the link is followed it presents a dialog for the end-user to self-solve their ticket?
    2. What does "quoting" look like when it appears in the ticket? Normal text or some type of styling?
    3. Can all of this functionality be used on the Internal Note as well?

    Also, some configuration/feature requests

    • When inserting "links" we'd like to configure them to be a combination of plain text article title followed on the next line by the linked URL. Historically, many end-users have problems with "linked" titles not working and this gives them an alternate way of using the URL included to copy./paste and visit and the title to use as reference in case they need to search.
    • Having a way for agents to open the article in large-format mode is helpful for complex and large-scale content articles.
    • A means for inserting the language version that matches the ticket's requester language automatically (if the translation version of the article is published and available), but can be overridden with the default language when desired as well.
    • Ability to customize the styling of quoted text from an article. For instance, we like to actually wrap any quoted text in quotation marks to make it clear that it's information available to them in said article. Encouraging article use in the future.
  • Kalle Windefalk

    Please integrate this feature into the zendesk support app (ios/android)


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