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    Yuri Mylis

    Hi Dan,


    That's a great feature! I can absolutely see how that would be used to prioritize JIRA issues as well as enable reporting on linked issues/tickets in JIRA.

    This feature is actually already on the roadmap and I hope to get to it in the not to distant future. 

    I suggest you follow this page for updates.

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    Catharine Coleman

    I need to be able to create a ticket view and report that shows either:

    - the jira number associated with the ticket


    - some type of flag or field that indicates that there is a jira associated with a case

    How can i do this?



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    Andrew Blumhardt (Edited )

    Edit: I see the post above now, and also think there needs to be a way to automatically push all zendesk comments to Jira

    I have the new plugin setup and its able to trigger the status changes for the ZD tickets. However, comments are not staying in sync. Is there a method to push all comments made on a zendesk ticket into Jira? Or is this on the product road map?

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    Stewart Fulton

    We are being forced to move to use this plugin now that the previous plugin is being deprecated. We have trialled it previously and the biggest shortfall of this version is having to manually 'Notify' Jira of Zendesk comments.

    This adds a layer of administrative overhead that we *really* cannot afford.

    Is there a way to have the comments in both Jira and Zendesk automatically get added to the other using this plugin?

    Thank you

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    paulangod is the best and has the most comprehensive integration. Support is excellent as well, they make sure that everything works as you requested. Thanks Chirag and Srinivas!

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    Robert Cwicinski

    Hi you all,

    just tried to read all of the comments to find a solution ... I'm not sure 100% if that was already mentioned...

    1 - Is it possible to push all incoming comments on tickets from Zendesk to Jira? Or does that has to be done manually using "Benachrichtigen"/"Notify"? If a customer comments and the ticket is already transferred to JIRA the developer doesn't get this information.
    Is there a workaround for this using automations or triggers?

    2 - After transferring an issue from ZD to JIRA none of the APIs shows the ID of the other system (no JIRA-ID in Zendesk API / no ZD-ID in JIRA). We are using that because in the past we had some problems getting both systems in sync:
    i.e. Reopen in Zendesk on a already closed Ticket in ZD didn't reopen it in JIRA
    Here we managed a custom reporting based on Reporting Services to get informed about the issue. Thats also because not every status/workflow info could be used in the mapping or it did not work.

    Now we got the notification "Atlassian to remove Zendesk v2 integration from JIRA Cloud on July 27th". So now we are forced to migrate from V2 to V3. Not sure what to do at the moment.


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    Jennifer Haight

    Thanks, Maxime. We used to track our bug and feature request reports on a Google Sheet and, while cumbersome, we were able to quickly see what our trending bugs and feature requests were. We love being able to link JIRA and Zendesk because it automates our process of following up when an issue is resolved, but I'm really missing the visibility to see what our users are reporting and when. 

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    Jennifer Haight

    Ideally more granular than that. I read that there is a way to pull a report of all JIRA issues with the "JIRA escalated" tag on them, which helps a little, but without visibility into how many Zendesk tickets are linked to the issues and when the Zendesk tickets were linked, we don't have a good way to track trending issues. 

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    Andrew Feller

    Are there any thoughts about enhancing the Zendesk JIRA integration to conditionally auto-create JIRA issues when Zendesk tickets are created?

    With the technical business unit wanting to only use JIRA, it's been painful getting non-technical business units to correctly create JIRA issues as it's explicit and unclear how JIRA projects map to different teams or what issue type to create.  Often times, new tickets will sit in Zendesk with non-technical users frustrated because of the different systems.  I know we could tell people to not archive Zendesk emails, however people want a single system to work in, so need something to help with that.

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    Dan Ross

    Hi Yuri,


    Can that be done to a custom field? We could add a field for JIRA issues sync the issue key to that field and then report on the contents of it in GoodData!


    Is it possible to add a hit count of linked issues in Jira? Kind of like this? Being able to see the number of linked issues at a glance (especially if more than a handful) would be a huge benefit for determining issue severity and priority!


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    Andrey (Edited )

    Will synchronization of the fields works as in the old version?

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    Ashish Sharma

    Apologies as I didn't read through 4 pages worth of comments to see if this has already been asked. 

    When updating a JIRA ticket via Zendesk, there is the "Copy the Last Comment" function. Is there any way to have this function implemented so transferring the last comment from JIRA to Zendesk is also simplified?

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    Greg Johnson

    This really is fabulous - it makes it super easy for our engineers to be able to push information up and down to Zendesk.  A couple of small tweaks would really make this hum:

    1.  Permit attachments to be sent to Jira at any point, not just at issue creation/linking.

    2.  Permit attachments to be sent from Jira back to Zendesk.

    Is it possible for the community to get involved in improving the code for this plugin?

    Some better documentation on the user permissions in this article would also be great - that part is a little confusing.

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    Rose (Somma) Cruz

    When creating issues in JIRA, field descriptions (help text) appears below custom fields. These field descriptions do not show up in Zendesk on the "Create a new JIRA issue" screen. 

    Also, setting the default value to None on a required JIRA field forces a user to select an option. When creating a JIRA issue in Zendesk, the field defaults to the first option. 

    Are either of these items on the roadmap?

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    Mario Valdes

    Hello, I've installed the Zendesk for JIRA Cloud integration and I've been able to create new JIRA issues from a Zendesk ticket without problems. However I've not been able to link an existing JIRA issue to a ticket in Zendesk.

    Every time I click the "Link Issue" button the corresponding pop up appears but not matter what I type in the "Link to that issue" button is shown disabled (I've tried pasting the direct link to the issue in JIRA, the name of the project, the key of the issue, etc. but nothing), how do I activate it? Am I missing something?

    Example of the disabled button:

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    Jennifer Haight

    Is it possible to track which JIRA issues have the most Zendesk tickets linked to them and when those Zendesk tickets were linked? For example, I want to be able to quickly see which JIRA issues are reported most frequently and which ones are trending with recent reports.

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    Yuri Mylis

    Hi Joseph,


    What you can do, is use the JIRA workflow post function to add the JIRA issue key as a comment on the linked Zendesk ticket/s, as explained here:

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    Andrew Feller



    Any comment and/or update about the following:

    1) Allowing administrators to customize the Jira app experience including restricting the Jira projects available, setting default values for fields and restricting Reporter and Issue Type fields on the Create Jira popup?

    The article about completely changing Jira project permissions to simply hide projects from the integration is absolutely preposterous.  The app should allow an administrator to select which projects you want to limit the app to instead like what was done in the v1 app integration.

    I want to minimize as much manual data entry when a Zendesk agent is escalating a ticket to Jira, however there is no way to put default values for anything.  I don't know off hand if Jira field context default values would come into play here or not; worst case scenario the app would allow to do something.

    I don't want anyone reporting the CEO escalated a Zendesk ticket to Jira as much as Zendesk doesn't want an end-user to specify the agent who reported a Zendesk ticket.  Also, I would like to restrict our operations side of the house to a specific issue type or set of issue types as my Technology stakeholders don't want product requests to flow into Jira this way; people should work with product managers for that.

    2) Copy all comments to the JIRA issue description when creating a Jira issue?

    Zendesk tickets don't have an explicit description like Jira issues do, so it'd be nice to have more than the last comment for the Jira issue description.

    3) Ability to search within Zendesk for tickets linked to Jira issues?

    Often times we want to see where something may have slipped through the cracks, however it doesn't appear trivial to search for tickets like these.

    4) Ability to sync attachments from Jira to Zendesk?

    Worst case scenario, I was thinking maybe something like the notify button within Jira where someone can selectively push attachments to Zendesk.  Since Jira doesn't provide a secure mechanism for making attachments available, this would need to be an actual push to Zendesk rather than a linked reference.

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    Melissa L.

    Hi @Yuri,

    Could you please also add field "Resolution" and "Affect Version/s" to the field mapping feature?

    Thank you very much.

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    Yuri Mylis

    @Joshua, we operate under the assumption that JIRA users and Zendesk Support users belong to the same organization and can share information. This means that we don't have mechanisms to restrict access to ticket comments from JIRA. Sorry if that doesn't align well to your setup.


    @Diego, we currently don't expose public APIs for the JIRA integrartion, but this is something we're considering doing down the line.




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    Jennifer Haight

    Any chance you guys are working on a way to report on the data we have through this integration?

    We continue to run into instances where we need to report on which JIRA issues are reported by the most users (ie have the most Zendesk tickets linked to them) and to know which have been reported lately (ie have a Zendesk ticket linked to it recently).

    It's frustrating to have my team spend energy linking tickets via the integration only to have them spend more energy anecdotally reporting which issues our users are encountering.

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    Alan Jiménez

    I have just set up "v3" of JIRA integration - working on phasing out v2 in a bit of a rush.

    I have seen another entry of someone getting the three green dots perpetually blinking around, and I am also getting this.
    I've also seen that you think this is due to us not following all the steps in your guide, but I did. The app installed in ZD, and When I share an issue to JIRA (by creating a new issue from ZD issue), the issue is actually created in JIRA, but the link never seems to get established.

    I've tried twice now with two different issues, and I have two "orphan" issues in JIRA that just won't link to their ZD "parents".

    Any idea what is going on?

    Also, whatever happened to mappings? Do they still work? I have some field IDs in ZD that should map to JIRA fields that have different IDs - will this still work?


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    Karyn Tooke (Edited )


    I cant see from the conversations whether this has already been raised... in the 'Creating a JIRA issue from a ticket' section step 5 to Click Create Issue, how do I add custom fields to the Create Issue screen? I have ticked the boxes for Summary & Details which allows the fields to be displayed in the Jira App after raising but not when trying to raise a new Jira ticket?

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    Alan Jiménez

    Hello Dara Garvan! I am having this problem as well with the creation of JIRA issues not working. Can you also keep me updated about this?


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    Yuri Mylis



    Thanks for clarifying. So you're saying that you want JIRA users to see linked tickets but don't want for Zendesk users to see linked issues.

    We don't have this on our plans at the moment, sorry. 

    May I suggest the you post your suggestion on our feedback forum so others can vote on it too?



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    Dan Ross

    How recently was the limit for linked issues upped to 200? This is great news!

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    Matt Hoffman

    @Jennifer - we're glad you asked! We recently released this feature, Linked Ticket Reporting. It will allow you to report on which JIRA issues have the most Zendesk tickets linked, as well as the Ticket IDs (if you need that much detail). Take a look and let us know if you run into any trouble setting it up -

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    Brian Pavlovich

    I have now as it seems to be a bug, beyond just my own users.

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    Andrew Schreiner

    How does the linking of the issue actually happen? I don't see any tags on the ticket other than jira_escalated to let it know there is an associated issue?

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    Dara Garvan

    Hey Alan,

    I've created a ticket for you.


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