Updating a ticket when the status of a Jira issue changes

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  • Yaniv Dayan


    We use this method to inform the Zendesk agent on closed issues from Jira by adding an internal note on the Zendesk Ticket. However, the Internal note is added under the name of one of our agent's names and not on a specific Zendesk admin name that we created for these purposes (General_Zendesk_Admin_User). 

    How can we control the user's account that "sends" these notification notes?


  • Philipp Lulay


    we have activated the post trigger for status updates. So far, this works in general. However, as soon as we link multiple Zendesk tickets (more than 2-3), the internal note only goes out to a subset of the link zendesk tickets. This looks like a random factor. There are no errors logged in the zendesk api activity.



  • Giuseppe
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Phillip,

    I see you have already opened a ticket for this. The Post Function supports updating multiple Zendesk tickets which are linked to an individual Jira issue, so we may have to gather more details about your issue. Please continue working with the Advocate in the ticket to address this.

    Thank you!


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