Jira: Using the Zendesk Support for Jira integration

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  • Leonid


    we actually need exactly opposite than you described in your last note.


  • Yuri Mylis


    Thanks for clarifying and for posting on the product feedback forum.

  • Joshua DeClercq

    Is it possible to have more control over access to Zendesk content from the JIRA side? We use JIRA Server, and it's a little concerning that the Zendesk comments tab seems to be 100% visible and interactive for all users who can access the JIRA ticket. Even private comments on Zendesk can be read by a user in a restricted JIRA project role.

    I had hoped this might work similar to developer add-ons, where there's a "View Developer Tools" permission in JIRA that restricts who can see those tabs. In this case, it'd be nice to have at least a "view private comments" permission that could be mapped to a specific user group or project role in JIRA.

    We have customers who can access our JIRA server, limited to a special project role. It'd be good to know we won't have to worry about them seeing conversations we don't want them to, if a Zendesk-linked JIRA ticket is shared with them for some reason.

  • paulangod

    www.integratecloud.com is the best and has the most comprehensive integration. Support is excellent as well, they make sure that everything works as you requested. Thanks Chirag and Srinivas!

  • Diego Soffia


    Is it possibile to link a Jira issue with API?

    I would use API or webhooks (to or from JIRA) to create/update the link to an existing Jira issue.

    There are docs about the API of  the JIRA Integration and where can I found it?

  • Yuri Mylis

    @Joshua, we operate under the assumption that JIRA users and Zendesk Support users belong to the same organization and can share information. This means that we don't have mechanisms to restrict access to ticket comments from JIRA. Sorry if that doesn't align well to your setup.


    @Diego, we currently don't expose public APIs for the JIRA integrartion, but this is something we're considering doing down the line.




  • Ashish Sharma

    Apologies as I didn't read through 4 pages worth of comments to see if this has already been asked. 

    When updating a JIRA ticket via Zendesk, there is the "Copy the Last Comment" function. Is there any way to have this function implemented so transferring the last comment from JIRA to Zendesk is also simplified?

  • Catharine Coleman

    I need to be able to create a ticket view and report that shows either:

    - the jira number associated with the ticket


    - some type of flag or field that indicates that there is a jira associated with a case

    How can i do this?



  • Wolfgang Montag


    I would like to have a custom field in Jira, where the assignee in Zendesk is shown, so our developers know who in our support they need to talk to, since the v3 only show the "Zendesk for Jira" reporter, if the user has not got an own jira acc.

    There is a post on page 1 in the comment section, where an employee said, that this was planned like it was in legacy (post was from 2015)

  • Matt Hoffman

    @Wolfgang - you can expose the Zendesk Ticket Assignee by going to Manage Add-ons > Zendesk Support for JIRA > Configure, and checking Assignee.

    This will show it here:

    You'll see I have also chosen to expose Group, Priority, and Status. Hopefully this gives you a suitable method for your developers to know who to talk to in Support. Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Matt Hoffman

    @Catharine At this time, the best option is to make a view that shows tickets with the tag jira_escalated. This tag is automatically applied to Zendesk tickets at the time that a JIRA issue is created or linked. If you have any trouble with this or any other questions just drop us a line at support@zendesk.com.

  • Wolfgang Montag

    thx @ 

    Is there also a way to use a custom (or maybe even the comment) field in Jira to creat an internal comment in zendesk?

    I have generated a post function with issue specific placeholers .. or is there another way?

  • Bowie Bartels

    When I click "create" without filling out a project, we do not see an error. How can we show an error to user that clicked create without filling in a project where to create the ticket?

  • Yuri Mylis

    @B Bartels


    Thanks for reporting this. It's a bug. I'll raise a ticket on your behalf.

  • Samuel Cho

    @Wolfgang Montag I have created a ticket for you at your email address. Please make sure it doesn't hit your spam folder. 

  • Greg Johnson

    This really is fabulous - it makes it super easy for our engineers to be able to push information up and down to Zendesk.  A couple of small tweaks would really make this hum:

    1.  Permit attachments to be sent to Jira at any point, not just at issue creation/linking.

    2.  Permit attachments to be sent from Jira back to Zendesk.

    Is it possible for the community to get involved in improving the code for this plugin?

    Some better documentation on the user permissions in this article would also be great - that part is a little confusing.

  • Stewart Fulton

    We are being forced to move to use this plugin now that the previous plugin is being deprecated. We have trialled it previously and the biggest shortfall of this version is having to manually 'Notify' Jira of Zendesk comments.

    This adds a layer of administrative overhead that we *really* cannot afford.

    Is there a way to have the comments in both Jira and Zendesk automatically get added to the other using this plugin?

    Thank you

  • OpsHub Dev Team

    Hi Everyone, 

    We support a rich integration solution between Zendesk & Jira. Some of the complex features we currently have:

    • Zendesk ticket id into custom field of Jira
    • Filter support tickets in Zendesk as problem/bugs to Jira 
    • No limitations for history sync including comments/conversations
    • You can also synchronize Zendesk tickets to appropriate Jira issue type based on Zendesk assignee group/user

    For any specific feature walkthrough you can also request a custom demo http://www.opshub.com/demo-request



  • Jennifer Haight

    Any chance you guys are working on a way to report on the data we have through this integration?

    We continue to run into instances where we need to report on which JIRA issues are reported by the most users (ie have the most Zendesk tickets linked to them) and to know which have been reported lately (ie have a Zendesk ticket linked to it recently).

    It's frustrating to have my team spend energy linking tickets via the integration only to have them spend more energy anecdotally reporting which issues our users are encountering.

  • Matt Hoffman

    @Jennifer - we're glad you asked! We recently released this feature, Linked Ticket Reporting. It will allow you to report on which JIRA issues have the most Zendesk tickets linked, as well as the Ticket IDs (if you need that much detail). Take a look and let us know if you run into any trouble setting it up - support@zendesk.com.

  • Dan Ross

    How recently was the limit for linked issues upped to 200? This is great news!

  • Yuri Mylis


    We've increased the linked tickets limit from 100->200 on 29/03/2017

    We've also ship a few other improvements recently:

    • Field Syncing feature went out of beta into into general availability.
    • 100 comments per ticket limitation was removed.
    • 1000 JIRA users per JIRA project limitation was removed.
    • Zendesk attachments are now visible in the Zendesk tab in JIRA.
    • Handling of Zendesk subdomain change.
    • Correct handling of unlink events.
    • Hiding empty Zendesk fields in JIRA.
    • Added support for "security level" field. 
    • Added support of custom version picker field.


  • Jason Schleifer

    Hi!  Really excited about this addon, and jazzed it's working well!

    One thing I'd really love to be able to do is remove any "human error" when linking a ticket from zendesk to jira.

    The "copy fields from ticket" button is great - but it seems to only copy the summary and description.

    I would love to also be able to copy the task type and any components necessary, which will greatly reduce the chance that someone might place things in the wrong category for engineering.

    Is there a way to do that?  I tried creating matching custom fields on the ticket, but they didn't seem to take effect.  It could be that I just wasn't creating them correctly.. but do you know if it's even possible?




  • Andrew Feller

    Are there any thoughts about enhancing the Zendesk JIRA integration to conditionally auto-create JIRA issues when Zendesk tickets are created?

    With the technical business unit wanting to only use JIRA, it's been painful getting non-technical business units to correctly create JIRA issues as it's explicit and unclear how JIRA projects map to different teams or what issue type to create.  Often times, new tickets will sit in Zendesk with non-technical users frustrated because of the different systems.  I know we could tell people to not archive Zendesk emails, however people want a single system to work in, so need something to help with that.

  • Yuri Mylis

    @Jason we've recently released a feature to sync custom field between the two system. Try and see if it meets your requirements. 


    @Andrew at the moment there are no plans to support auto-creation of JIRA issues via the integration. I would consider this outside the scope of what the integration was design to do and doubt we will ever do this.

    With that said, I'm planning on building an option to customize the integration by means of public APIs. The idea is that similar requirements could be met that way. This of course would require coding to customize the core bahvior of the integration.

  • Frankie Truong


    Is there a way to edit the fields that are on the "Create a new JIRA issue" section?

  • Yuri Mylis

    @ Frankie, the way to customize the fields on that form is to set them as "required" in JIRA.

  • Andrew Feller


    How do you envision the JIRA integration handling Zendesk-JIRA installations where the business users don't have JIRA accounts?

    Even though the integration might have access to an administrator-level account, I presume the integration requires JIRA users matching Zendesk users, which will eat a license per user.

  • Yuri Mylis

    @Andrew, there is no expectation for Zendesk users to have JIRA accounts. On the contrary, the integration enables information sharing between the two systems via a single integration account (one on each side).

    There is also not need to do any user mapping. I suggest referring to this article to read more about how users are set up and used.

  • Matt DiProspero

    We have many of the same needs that others have mentioned (bi-directional sync of custom fields, passing attachments between JIRA and ZD, populating JIRA issue number in custom ZD field, etc.) and IntegrateCloud was able to handle it all. We have a lot of scenarios to account for and they’ve been very accommodating and patient with us as we defined and refined our process. Definitely a wise investment.


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