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    Mark Kofman

    how do I access this report?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Mark!

    This article shows you where to find those pre-made native reports. Bear in mind, though that if you started using Zendesk after April 2015, you won't have this functionality.

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    Aswin Kannan

    Zendesk Team - I have a very confusing situation (there's a ticket going on, but I don't see the solution happening). I have a report of # Tickets in New and Open state. We are on Professional plan, so it syncs every day, and I get this report scheduled to me every day, which essentially acts as a backlog count. However, when I create a report for #Backlog Tickets, the numbers are not matching.

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    Kayla Schmidt

    Hi Aswin,

    # Backlog Tickets is defined as the total number of backlog tickets throughout history and is calculated by the sum of the backlog ticket count. The Ticket Backlog History dataset functions a little differently than other datasets in Insights. While the Tickets dataset will show you the current state of the tickets in your Zendesk, and the Ticket Updates dataset can show past events that are viewable within a ticket's event log, the Ticket Backlog History dataset will show you a snapshot of unsolved tickets at the end of any given date. It can be a little confusing, but we have a resource that goes into a bit more detail I hope can help that I've listed below. Otherwise, in the current ticket you have open with us, feel free to provide us with specific links to your reports so we can take a look!


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