Using "Hours" and "Hours since...greater than" in automations

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  • Camille Wagner

    If you update the status from Pending to Pending, does the clock restart? Or is this based on the initial pending status?

  • Monika Jurczyk

    @Camille Wagner,


    Did you ever get a response to your question?

  • Colin Piper

    So I have not tried this in well over a year but certainly in my experience changing the status from pending to pending does NOT reset the clock. However if you change the status then in another update cycle change it back again then this will work. 

  • Anton Maslov

    >Using "greater than" requires a nullifying action (watch out for endless loops)

    This approach is buggy. If the same event happens twice in ticket nullifying action just won't work second time. Here is example:

    1. Ticket goes from pending to "solved" state by automation "grater than 1 day in pending". This also adds a tag e.g. "pending_solved"

    2. Later on ticket gets reopened, continue for some time.

    3. And then again ticket placed to "pending"

    4. Since you have a nullifying tag already 2nd time automation won't work and your ticket stuck forever in "pending" state.

    Workaround here will be one more trigger to remove nullifying tag if ticket goes from "solved" to "open", e.g.:

    1. If tag ""pending_solved" present

    2. If ticket status changed from solved to open

    3. Remove ""pending_solved"" tag

    And from another side "Hours" is buggy as well: for some reason around 10% of the tickets are not processed by this condition even all is met (bug confirmed by Zendesk team).
    Thought my point here is that instead of simple working action "Hours" (which does not work because of bug J) you have to spent a lot of efforts and configure 2 different triggers/automatons

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