Using the "Hours since" condition in automations

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  • Camille Wagner

    If you update the status from Pending to Pending, does the clock restart? Or is this based on the initial pending status?

  • Monika Jurczyk

    @Camille Wagner,


    Did you ever get a response to your question?

  • Colin Piper

    So I have not tried this in well over a year but certainly in my experience changing the status from pending to pending does NOT reset the clock. However if you change the status then in another update cycle change it back again then this will work. 

  • Anton Maslov

    >Using "greater than" requires a nullifying action (watch out for endless loops)

    This approach is buggy. If the same event happens twice in ticket nullifying action just won't work second time. Here is example:

    1. Ticket goes from pending to "solved" state by automation "grater than 1 day in pending". This also adds a tag e.g. "pending_solved"

    2. Later on ticket gets reopened, continue for some time.

    3. And then again ticket placed to "pending"

    4. Since you have a nullifying tag already 2nd time automation won't work and your ticket stuck forever in "pending" state.

    Workaround here will be one more trigger to remove nullifying tag if ticket goes from "solved" to "open", e.g.:

    1. If tag ""pending_solved" present

    2. If ticket status changed from solved to open

    3. Remove ""pending_solved"" tag

    And from another side "Hours" is buggy as well: for some reason around 10% of the tickets are not processed by this condition even all is met (bug confirmed by Zendesk team).
    Thought my point here is that instead of simple working action "Hours" (which does not work because of bug J) you have to spent a lot of efforts and configure 2 different triggers/automatons
  • Matthew Edvartsen

    hi folks, 

    I have a question for you. My instance is Professional. Our schedule is M-F 8-5 (business) hours. We are not using the SLA's for reasons which will become apparent. 

    Our industry (food) we receive requests for certifications from customers, suppliers, internal and now with Brexit, Customs and Boarder Control. The time we have to respond to these requests is very much governed by the requester. 

    Simplified a requester may give us 1, 3, 5, 10 ,20, 40 working days to respond with the information. So the application of SLA would be obsolete.  

    I have set a mandatory field for our Agents to complete called 'respond by' [Date Field] and at the moment have an automation to send a reminder this needs to be completed in 1 day. works a treat. However, the automation is counting the weekend and for 'respond by' dates being a Monday the reminder is being released on the Sunday. 

    A the moment the instruction is for the Agent to count only business days, however you would be surprised how many can't subtract 2 from 7  😂

    Please does anyone know how I can have the automation (or a trigger, I'm not precious) only count the business hours/days?

    thank you in advance, Matthew. 


  • Alejandro Colon

    Matthew Edvartsen

    Off the top of my head, the first way I might try and accomplish what you are attempting would be to use the built-in due date field. That should allow you to calculate calendar hours or business hours. 

    At that point, you could probably use a modification of your existing automation to run based on that field instead of your custom field. The first issue I see with this is that you would have to force the ticket type to the task type. I believe that is the only one that has the due date but I may be wrong on that. 

    You can modify your instructions to the Agents to fill in that field instead. 


    As for your other issue with calculating business days, I would add a working day calculator to the app section in the ticket view. A business day calculator would allow your agents to enter the appropriate business days and it would output a specific date for them to enter into the appropriate field. Some of the more complex calculators can even take into account holidays.

    There might be a Zendesk app that does this but at the very least you should be able to iframe one with an iframe Zendesk app.

  • Matthew Edvartsen


    my apologies for my late response. Thank you for the guidance. we have actually set an automation to raise priority and trigger against SLA under the business schedule. Works a treat. So thanks again. 


  • Alejandro Colon

    Matthew Edvartsen

    No problem.

    Yes, I avoided suggesting an SLA as you mentioned it would not work for your situation.

    Glad you were able to get something working for you.


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