Host mapping - Changing the URL of your Help Center

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  • Felix Frenzel


    I'd like to loose the numbers in the url, due to SEO issues we may have to use another service as the HelpCenter / FAQs should be index-able. 

    Or would we have to host it with the API? Are all features then still usable? E.g. Answer Bot and reporting? (Probably dumb questions).

    Hope you have a solution. 

  • Alexander Popa

    Hi Felix! I've created the following ticket: #3192028 to check this further for you. Please join me there. Thank you!

  • Huilee

    Hi, we have signed up for separate startup version of zendesk and i'd like to remove the URL of our host mapping setup under a trial account i signed up for before this. But since my trial has expired, i cannot do so. Please help.

  • Josh Rosenthal

    Hi Huilee,

    We should be able to help with that, I'm going to bring your request into a ticket so we can get into account details there!

  • Anil Kumar (Community Member)

    Hello there,

    Need a quick reply. Is that mandatory to use sub-domain to host help center. Can we use direct domain instead?

    Company Domain:

    Support address domain:

    Can we use for help center?

    So URL would be like https://www.mycompanyhelp/hc/en-us/

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Anil!

    I'm afraid that it's not possible to set up your URL in the way you've described above; you have to use a subdomain, as described in this article. You could potentially set up a URL redirect to give to your customers, but in the address bar it will still display the subdomain.

  • Reshma Patel

    Couple of quick questions.

    1. Does the name before the subdomain need to be support?  []
    2. Can we use something like  
    3. Is the /hc always required at the end?
    4. Is it possible to have two different urls point to the same Zendesk instance/brand?  For example if we had two different end user groups and wanted one to use and the other to use can both point to the same Zendesk instance?
  • Jake Bantz

    Hi Reshma! Good questions!

    1. The subdomain does not have to be support. You can use anything you want as long as it's a subdomain on your domain and you can setup the CNAME record to point at your Zendesk account.
    2. (see above) :)
    3. The /hc does appear on all help center pages, this cannot be modified.
    4. You could have multiple subdomains point at the same account, but we will only honor the host mapping which is configured within the Zendesk account. So if you configured your site to be, but also forwarded traffic from - the users' browsers would resolve to To achieve separate subdomains that don't resolve to the same URL, you would want to use multibrand or multiple accounts.
  • Reshma Patel

    Thanks Jake! One final question.  Does the domain have to be a public domain or would it work on private domains as well?


  • Matt Tucker

    For LetsEncrypt certificates, at what point does Zendesk perform the renewal before the certificate expires?

    We've passed the "30-days remaining" window for when most LetsEncrypt clients trigger the renewal process, but haven't seen Zendesk fetch a new certificate.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Reshma!

    Making a domain private just makes it so that your personal details aren't available publicly if people search for information on your domain. So having a private domain shouldn't be a problem here. :)

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Matt! 

    Per the article, when your current certification expires, we replace it. That goes for any certificate, regardless of where it came from. So once you reach day 0, the cert will be automatically replaced. Hope that helps!

  • Matt Tucker

    Hi Jessie,


    Update (3/15/18): It appears that Zendesk renews the LetsEncrypt certificate up to 15 days prior to expiration, at least based upon our subdomain.  If this is accurate, it might be a good piece of information to put into the article.



    The day-0 replacement policy sounds a bit extreme.  If the certificate renewal system (either on Zendesk or Let's Encrypt's side) happens to have an issue on day-0, that means that a subdomain will be showing certificate errors for end-users until that's resolved.

    This is why most other sites replace the certificate up to 30 days ahead of time, in order to limit the risk of not getting a certificate renewed in time.

    Thanks for your response.


  • Amie Barder

    When assigning host mapping, can 2 brands share the same subdomain and domain, but have different paths at the end, eg...

    • abc.def.ghi/jkl
    • abc.def.ghi/mno


  • Jake Bantz

    Hi Amie,

    That part of the URL is not customizable. Different brands would have to have different subdomains, and everything starting after the first slash - / - is controlled by our built-in functionality.

  • Amie Barder

    Thanks, Jake.

    One more Q: what side effects do we need to consider when changing our host mapping address (from a previously used address to something new).  A couple things I've thought of are needing to update manually-assigned links between articles and updating links to Zendesk articles from other places (main website, email templates, etc.). 

    I assume that the list included in this article WILL NOT apply (since our sub domain will remain the same):

  • Frankie

    To build off of the question of side effects, would this impact any other setup such as SSO or can we keep our hands off of those settings?

  • Jake Bantz

    SSO may be impacted if you have any redirect URLs pointed at the host mapped address. You would want to ensure those are updated too. Otherwise you should be pretty OK.

    As for other side effects, you just need to keep in mind of any locations where you have absolute URL references (pointing explicitly at - or something similar). In many cases if you link between articles, those are often changed to a relative reference within Guide (/hc/en-us/articles/1234), so those should point at the new host mapped subdomain automatically.

    @Amie you are correct in your thinking that the items in that article shouldn't come into play. Those are mostly surrounding the Support side of things, and should keep working fine as long as the address remains the same.

    Hope that helps!

  • David Lavely

    We have recently set up the host mapping. We have added our CNAME record and i have updated the mapping in the Zendesk. Now when I so to my new URL, it works, but i redirects to the original URL. Do i need to set up masking on the URL so it stays

    If so is the masking on your end or in my end?

  • UserAdmin #55555

    David, I was having the same issue (redirects), until I went to the SSL and opted to have ZenDesk manage the SSL certificates.

    (Settings>Security>SSL > Let ZenDesk Manage....)

    Once I got the LetsEncrypt Cert, I was no longer being re-directed, and worked great.

    I don't think their guide really pointed this out clearly. I work in IT, manage DNS and websites for a living, and I still struggled at this.

    Hope this helps!

  • Jessie Schutz

    Thanks for hopping in, UserAdmin!

  • Jack Williams

    We've completed these steps and have entered our own subdomain in the host mapping field. However, we're seeing the URL redirect to the Zendesk subdomain. Is there any way to prevent this redirect happening so users remain on our subdomain when visiting our help centre?


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Jack!

    Have you uploaded an SSL certificate and set the CNAME record with your domain provider?

  • Darnell Witt

    Hello, If I'm using multibrand, I'd like to confirm that I can host map my two brands to two totally different domains.

    For example:

    Brand 1 will be 

    Brand 2 will be

    It seems this should be no problem but I'm trying to confirm before choosing multibrand over creating a new account. Thanks!

  • Ricky Davis

    Hey, Darnell!


    You can definitely set unique subdomains for each of your brands, just like your example! Each brand will have their own Host Mapping section in their setup page. You can refer to this article for instructions when you're ready to add that:

    Hope this helps!


  • Ryan Malone

    Our login link broke when we updated our host mapping.  Both of the relative paths are broken and now our users cannot login... are user logins not supported with host mapping?



  • Jennifer Smith

    Is it possible to have more than one host mapped to the same zendesk center? For example, we currently have "tech.<domain>.com" mapped, but we'd like "training.<domain>.com" mapped as well (to the same place), as we're retiring an old internal site but know users still have it bookmarked.

  • James Sanford

    Hey Jennifer!

    Host mapping can only be configured for a single domain. 

    If you have an old internal site that you will be retiring an option you could consider is setting up redirects from that domain to your active site.  Please see How to redirect users from my previous support website to Guide without affecting SEO for more detailed information on such an implementation.

  • Capucine Salin

    Hey! It looks like the question hasn't been asked:

    We just want to use Guide, we won't use Support at all. So we thought taking Support Essential + Guide Professional.
    However, according to this article if we want to use host mapping we should at least take the Support Team offer.

    Is there a way to have host mapping without having to take the Support Team offer? 25€ / month just for host mapping is quite a lot!

    Thank you

  • Stephen Fusco

    Hello Capucine, 

    Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, Guide was not designed to be used in isolation. Host mapping is a setting within the support interface and we are not able to enable this feature without upgrading the entire support account to Team. 

    So at this time, it is only possible to use host-mapping if you upgrade to Team. I apologize for this limitation. 


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