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    Xavier Liégeois (Edited )


    I looked for the whole day, but i couldn't figure out how to allow the End-users to edit their complete profile.

    They can well change their name, image, telephone and e-mail (even their password), but nothing more. Shouldn't they be able to edit the "details" or the "notes" fields ?

    Beside, i created a Custom User field. Couldn't it be editable also by the end-users themselves ?

    The option "Allow users to view and edit their profile data" is well checked in the parameters.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Xavier Liégeois

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    Christopher McLoughlin

    Hi Xavier,

    The built in functionality of the Help Center does not allow for any more fields outside of the 4 you mentioned to be edited by the end-user. This includes custom fields and the two fields you mentioned (details and notes).

    If you are looking to make this available to your end-user you may be able to develop something using our API. If you take a look at our Developer Portal,, you will find Zendesk's API, Apps, and SDK documentation.

    Off the top of my head, you could create a web form to display the fields you'd like to display and allow users to edit those fields. But like I said, this is not built in functionality and what you are seeing right now with regards to how the Help Center is functioning is all that is available "out-of-the-box."

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    Sherri Anderson

    If you were to begin your Community with only one topic, is there a way to default the Community page to "Show All Posts" instead of "Show topics"?  

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    Sharon Skinner


    Can an 'End-User' export a report from their account of the tickets that have raised?  I think this was possible in the old version.

    Thanks for your help. 


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    Mónica Quiroz

    Hola, alguien sabe si puedo cambiar o bien ocultar la fecha de actualización de artículos?


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    please remove restriction from our country pakistan

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    when i calling some person today call not willing to connect but i am using this app most of time in last 3 months

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