Creating and using customer lists

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  • Jean-Francois Weston
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Joy,

    Thank you for your question. Last Seen is not native to Zendesk, which is why we are having trouble trying to define it for you without knowing why it was initially set.

    The "last seen" field is a data point that is associated with browser cookies, which refreshes every time a user views a web widget on your Help Center. If a user then creates a user profile, that data flows into the "last seen" field which can sometimes be inaccurate.

    To track user activity, we recommend that you use their last sign-in instead as it is more accurate. You can use any of the 4 options listed here to obtain this data: Generating a user last login date list

    Jeff | Zendesk Advocate | EMEA

  • Josh

    Is this feature basically unmaintained/dead?

    A lot of weird UI issues now with this function.

  • Matt F

    I'd be interested to know the answer to Josh's question as well. This strikes me as a good idea that was never really built out enough to become useful for most practical purposes. 

  • Pratishtha Nahata
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Josh, Matt,

    We're looking into improving this feature and would like to set up some time to speak with you to understand your requirements better. I'll reach out to you via email to book in a session on each of your calendars.

    Thank you!

  • Josh

    Great! Thanks!

  • Amy Gracer
    Community Moderator

    Is it possible to adjust the order of the columns?

    How about adding an expand/collapse when I group by?

  • JJ
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hello Amy,

    Please note that you may change the order of the columns by dragging/dropping the order of the columns where accessing the 'hamburger menu in the top right:

    However, at the moment we do not have an option to collapse the groupings.

    Hope that helps.


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