Language codes for Zendesk-supported languages

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  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Krysta Privoznik,

    It looks like we have a ticket with Advocacy opened for you right now regarding this issue. Currently, there is a response on this ticket pending for your reply, so feel free to follow up on that ticket for resolution on this issue.

    Best regards. 

  • Stoyan Andrew

    Hey there!
    I'm wondering how actual is this article? And if all supported languages are represented here?

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Stoyan Andrew,

    Currently, this article is up to date with all the languages supported at this time. If there is a language you don't see here that you would like to see added, I would recommend posting your desired change in our Product Feedback forums so our users can consider it for future updates.

    Best regards. 

  • Bram Whillock

    This guide:
    Says that the locale ID should be a number, but this document specifies a string code. Which are we meant to use on the JWT?  Can you link the correct document on that help document.

  • Edwin S


    We are bidding to support (email support only) a project for the EU and are wondering whether the above means Zendesk Support is not able to accommodate in this for all European languages. Do I understand correctly, we would not be able to identify a ticket as e.g. Icelandic or create variations of dynamic content in Lithuanian?

    Also, am I missing one of the languages of Luxembourg: Luxembourgian? 


  • Gail L
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Edwin,

    That is correct, dynamic content will only work with languages on the list in this article. You would still be able to have staff respond in other languages, but it would require some manual review of tickets to route them into language queues for languages that Zendesk does not support natively. 

  • Oscar Aguilar

    Be careful guys if you use the Answerbot cause there it gets tricky since using "fr" in guide is not showing suggestions, you have to use a variant like "fr_FR" when you create the articles in guide. But if you want to customize the answerbot with scripts, be careful cause it's not working with "fr_FR"! We found the solution which is using setlocale="fr-fr" and it works both for the script and for the guide suggestions.

    Same goes for catalan, you should create articles using "ca_ES" and use "ca-ca" in the answerbot scripts.


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