Google Analytics and Help Center - Part 5: Capturing Help Center user data

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  • Ryan McGrew
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    Hey Kay,

    I've just updated the document to give both the Native and jQuery versions. Thanks for the code snippet!

  • Haley Chapman
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    Hi Madison Davis. I tried to add the JQuery code but unfortunately no luck. My Google Analytics account still does not have the user role data. My template is Templating API v1 so I cannot switch to using the other code listed in the article's instructions. Is there anything else I can try?

  • Naghmeh Anvari
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    I'm trying to track the external_id of an organization of a user (NOT the user's external id) but for some reason, my code is sending undefined. The organization name is showing up correctly in GA but nothing for the external ID.

    Is this the correct way to capture the external id? 

    var userOrganization = HelpCenter.user.organizations[0].name;
    ga('set', 'dimension5', userOrganization);

    var userOrganizationExternalId = HelpCenter.user.organizations[0].external_id;
    ga('set', 'dimension6', userOrganizationExternalId);

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