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  • Bharath Kashyap

    Hey Community !

    Just adding my thoughts

    >> We are using Templating API v1 theme in our help center & i presume its Copenhagen themes. I see there is latest version of Templating API V2 as well. 

    >> Hope we will able to use this feature of side bar (sidebar filters)  into our current template & explore more on these zendesk feature with implementations.

    I have referred this article & can see below steps for implementing this.

    Steps for the Implementation

    • Step 1 – Add code into Search results
    • Step 2 – Update CSS code
    • Step 3 - Update JavaScript

    Can somebody please keep me posted if there are any more information or any thing helpful for me to understand about side bar search / filter.


    Thank you


  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Elise Alley You can achieve this with the multiple theme templates feature that is is available on Guide Enterprise.

    1. You create your additional category templates
    2. Then you apply each of them to their corresponding categories.

    This feature is also available for Section and Article pages.

  • Catherine Michalak
    Community Moderator


    Is there anyone who could help me add subsections to my custom HC code?

    I am struggling to get the section with subsections to show if it doesn't have an article in it (ie. the subsections have articles but until there's an article in the section itself, it doesn't show on the category page) and struggling to keep the layout the same on the section with subsections level as it is on the category with sections level.




  • Emelie Stjernquist

    Hello Catherine Michalak,

    Just so I get it right, you wish to display an "empty" section?

    I'm not sure that that is possible to do (at least I've not manage to do that), however I have a suggested work-around which is to:

    1. Create an Article on the Section you wish to display (one that is OK to find if found via search function)
    2. Create a custom Section-template where you modify the html, remove the part that displays/list the articles - Guide from Zendesk help
    3. Edit the Section and assign the new template and publish the Section and Article

    I usually elaborate, test back and forth in the templates until I get the result I want. You can also preview it in "Preview mode" before publishing it.


    I hope this helps you to get closer to what you wish to accomplish, good luck!


  • Francois S

    The trick isn't working. 

    I'm using this list:

    And for some reason, the rename of the "language" is working for English (World) that is defined as a "Variant" but all the other ones, aren't working (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg,...)

    <button class="dropdown-toggle" aria-haspopup="true">
    {{#is 'English (Luxembourg)'}}
  • Augusto Silva
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Francois S

    Try something like this instead (language names can change):

    {{#contains current_locale.url "/en-us"}}

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