Analyzing call activity with the Talk Team dashboard

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  • Intis Kalnins

    Are there any thoughts on creating a pop out version of the dashboard? I have a wall monitor set up which displays our current call centre software dashboard, but we're switching to Zendesk Voice soon and I can't find a nice way to display Zendesk Voice. Even geckoboard doesn't have Zendesk Talk or Chat data available.

    Ideally we could display Ticket, Chat and Voice info on one dashboard.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Intis, I see that you're getting help with this from one of our Account Executives in a ticket. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with!

  • Tim Roberts

    Hi, was there a simple solution to the query about an all in one dashboard?


  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Tim - 

    There was not. One of our Account Execs reached out to Intis to understand the need better; but they didn't really find a solution. 

    That being said, another Community member recently created a monitor dashboard display using the API; you might want to check out that solution and see if it might help you out. 

  • Carl McDowell

    Hi Tim and Intis or anyone finding this thread,

    If you haven't already had this suggested check out Geckoboard, who integrate with zendesk and you can create a dashboard highlighting what you need to display. It also allows you to use them for TV dashboards

    "Geckoboard lets you create beautifully simple real-time dashboards from your Zendesk data within minutes. Pick which metrics are important to you, and build the ultimate customer support dashboard to share with team members or management, or even to put up on the wall in your workspace. Geckoboard plays well with a number of other services too, so you can get full visibility on all aspects of your customer service setup in one place."

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Thanks for jumping in, Carl!

  • Erika H

    Hello!  Can anyone provide details about the realtime-reliability of the Talk Dashboard "current queue activity" metrics, specifically how frequently the stats at the top of the screen update?  I understand that the Overview graph and the individual agent metric details only encompass the current 24 hour period but I am concerned that the "current queue activity" might be calculating on the past 24 hours as well (instead of reflecting the activity averages over the last 10-15 min, for example). 

    We launched Talk last week and while the UI seems to work well for our agents generally, our Supervisor team is expressing concern with the lag time on the Dashboard.  It seems to be much slower to update than our previous call monitoring software and it is proving difficult for our Supervisors to manage agent workload with the spotty updates.  Any information would be greatly appreciated!  

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Erika,

    I reached out to one of our Talk experts and they informed me that this dashboard should only be used as a reference and is only giving you trends. 

    If you're looking to report on this data your best option would be to pull that information from our Talk API.

    Hope this helps!

  • Francois S

    Since Zendesk Talk is buggy and sometimes "callers stays into the queue" for no reason and aren't redirected to agents that are online. (case already created)

    Can we somewhere see the "callers in queue" and pick up de call via this view? Or isn't this existing?


  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    Hi Francois,

    Unfortunately there isn't a way to get the calls that are in the queue, and pick up them from there.
    The only solution if this continues to happen is either to have the issue be found (and fixed if possible).

    Or look at other telephony providers. For instance Aircall integrates fairly good with Zendesk.
    In my experience it helps if a telephony vendor is more pointed toward the region you are operating from.

  • Francois S

    Well for what I'm reading on this community pages it is an expected behavior...

    Calls are routed only onces to agents if they miss it or decline it, they will never have the call back to them.


    Thats crazy, I don't know who the architect is, but he probably never worked in call centers before... 

    The purpose of statuses is an Internal Aspect of the organization, and however the organization wants to work.

    It seems logic that if the agent goes back to online, it means that the agent is OK to receive new calls...
    Even if he missed it before (whatever the reason).

    Such architecture is really bad for small teams, since we have no workaround to bypass this architecture flaws.
    We will not add instances as Aircall or else, since it increases the cost and it isn't the strategy when we goes for a One Stop Solution. 


    But thanks for the help, I will check further what the case will provide as workaround. 
    If none, well than we have to someone else. 


  • Carl McDowell

    Hi Francois S,

    There is an Alpha where we are testing agent retry, please see the following Google doc with more details

  • Francois S

    Thats good news, ty!


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