Why can't I sign in to my Zendesk Support Mobile app (iOS or Android)?

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  • Kunal Pathak

    I just keep getting error "Please enter valid email and password" whereas I am able to login to portal just with the same pair of details. I am using "Sign IN with Email". What and where exactly it goes for verifying? 

  • James Sanford

    Hey Kunal!

    It sounds like you're trying to use an email address that is tied to an end-user Role in your account and not your Agent login email.  Also pay close attention to issue # 4 from the article above which outlines that you'll need to use your primary email address, so if you are entering a secondary email address that could be causing issues for you as well.

    If you're not familiar with which email address is listed as your Primary email address you can find this on your user profile in Zendesk Support by clicking on your profile picture in the top right and selecting view profile.  Your email address will be shown in the left side panel.

  • Valerie Conlon

    When you say 'Agent' does that imply 'Light Agents' as well?  

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Valerie - 

    Not in all cases, but in the case of this question, yes. It should be the same for light agents as well. 

  • Fredrik Saarela

    It says our Zendesk doesn’t allow mobile app access, how do I enable the use of Zendesk app?

  • Angel Madria

    Hi Fredrik! 

    Head to Admin > Settings > Security > Global tab > then enable by clicking the check box for Mobile App. 

  • info

    I'm currently in trial stage while developing a new website. The ios app was working fine until yesterday when I reset the admin password because I was having problems linking Wordpress chat plugin.  ios kicked me out on next login because of the password change as you'd expect, but it refuses to let me log back in.  To begin with ios was giving me "incorrect email or password", but after rebooting the app changed to respond to each log in attempt with a permanent whirring /trying to connect, which ends with a timeout message.  Searching I found this guidance, and found the API password access option was disabled, so I've enabled but still can't get beyond the attempted connection (and unless support  disabled this option while we were on live chat yesterday, I don't see how ios could have been OK before?!)  I've also checked that mobile apps are checked in security/global as per last comment.  To be clear, there is only one log in with one email which is for admin, so there's no question of trying to log in as an agent or with the wrong email or similar.  I've been trying intermittently for the past 24 h on both 4G and wifi so it can't be a temporary glitch.  

  • Greg


    Ah, it actually looks like you resolved this successfully! Hope all is going well otherwise!
  • JManas

    Is it possible to use Microsoft authentication for the desktop app., and have a Zendesk login for the mobile app.?

  • Dan Kondzela

    Hi! Thanks for the question.

    I can appreciate the use of a feature like this, however it is not possible. When you set up an Authentication process under Admin >> Settings >> Security that particular authentication process will affect every user that fits the tab in your security settings.

    For example, if you have 'Zendesk' set under your End-User tab, every end-user on your account will authenticate with their Zendesk Credentials. If you have 'Microsoft' set under the Agents & Admin tab, every agent and admin on the account will authenticate with their Microsoft Credentials.



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