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Some business rules in Zendesk Support are inborn, meaning that they cannot be reconfigured and are default behavior in Zendesk Support:

  • When a ticket is assigned to an agent, the ticket status automatically changes to Open. You'll see the change after you update the ticket.
  • Once a ticket's status has been changed from New, it can never be set back to New.
  • If a ticket's status is set to Pending or Solved, and the ticket requester updates it:
    • If the ticket requester is an end-user, the status is automatically changed back to Open.
    • If the ticket requester is an agent, the status is not automatically changed.
  • A ticket's status cannot be set to Solved without an assignee.
  • Once a ticket has been assigned to a group, it cannot be reset to no group. 
  • Once you set a priority, you cannot reset it back to no priority. You can always change it to a different priority.
  • When a ticket's status has been set to Closed, it can never be updated, it can only be deleted. Instead, the requester can create a follow-up request that references the closed ticket.
  • If there's only one agent group, all tickets are automatically assigned to that group.
  • If there's only one agent in a group, all tickets assigned to that group are automatically assigned to that agent.
  • You cannot assign a ticket to an agent without first assigning it to a group.
  • Tickets are automatically closed 28 days after they're set to Solved, regardless of any triggers or automations. 
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    Hi, how can I 1. reset these rules if they have been modified and 2. How can I change the fact that an agent can create and submit a ticket without having an assignee? (by submit I mean as open or pending not solved). Thanks!

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    Hey Elisa!

    The inborn system rules are part of what make Support function. They are an integral part of how many different aspects of Support work and as such, they can not be changed or modified in any way.

    Regarding your second question, you maybe be able to make a trigger to capture any agent created tickets without an assignee. You could have this trigger either send out an email notification to that agent or to a particular group, or have it assign it to that current user.

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    Hi Claire,

    In our system, why our customer replied, and the ticket status does not change to open?

    One of our staff manually changed the status from open to pending, but then when the customer replied again, the status does not changes to open....

    Do you have any idea why is that?



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    Hi Jennifer!

    You'll want to check your triggers! Most likely, you have one more triggers set up that prevent that status changing on customer response.

    Feel free to post screenshots of your triggers if you're not sure what's going wrong!

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    @Claire, thanks for your feedback yet please bear in mind that it is not 100% accurate.

    • Once a ticket has been assigned to a group, it cannot be reset to no group. You can, however, change it to a different group.

    • Similarly, once a ticket has been assigned to an agent in a group, you cannot reset the assignee to no one. You can assign it to another agent.

    There is a way to modify this:


    I have found tickets with 1 public reply, made by one of our agents, sent with no assignee with pending status. How is this possible? (Ex ticket #1997076)

    Anyone, any clue?


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    Hey Elisa,

    It's definitely possible that your agent either created a ticket in a pending state, or even replied to a ticket without setting assignee. The only time you are required to have an assignee is once the ticket is solved. Any time before then, an assignee is not required. 

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    I have a question about group assigning.

    If an agent is in several groups you have to pick a default group. So say the agent is part of the Technical Support and the Billing Support group. With Billing set as the default because they work mostly in that group. 

    So when the agent goes and takes a Technical support ticket it assigns the ticket to Billing Support/(agent name)...  

    That technical support ticket is now assigned to the billing group because it's the agents default. Is there a way to stop this or change this?   Does this matter at all in reporting? I understand why it does it, but it doesn't seem right. Can it not just be assigned to the agent and stay in the group it was placed in?

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    My experience is different, I wonder if you should open a support ticket. I am a member of several groups and of course have a default group. If I take a ticket in group B _and_ I'm a member of Group B, it keeps it assigned to that group and me and does not change it to my default Group A.

    However, if I take a ticket that is _not_ in a group I am a member of, the system assumes I want it in my default group.

    For us, this does have an impact on reporting, because we want to know which teams handled tickets, how many, etc so we run reports on groups.  I don't know if you do the same.

    Hopefully this helps.

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    That sounds more reasonable. And after playing with it more this is how it works. I guess I need to look more at who it's happening to and see how they are getting tickets that shouldn't be.


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    Thanks for helping out, Heather!

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