Understanding how Talk calls become tickets

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  • Brett Youngberg

    Can numbers be added to an organization as a direct number so that a company's main outbound caller ID is associate with the organization instead of one of it's employees? Or are we going to have to create a user that is really the organization so that tickets don't automatically get assigned to the first person from that company that called in or has the company number set as a direct number?

    Did I read it correctly that users can only have one shared number? What about companies that have multiple outbound caller IDs?

  • Tom Gaynor

    Can we add labels to each number (i.e. Home, Work, Cell)?  I do not see any way to differentiate the numbers.  The current setup makes SMS very difficult if you do not know which numbers can receive SMS messages.

  • Mikkel

    This feature is long awaited... Good to see it's finally here.

    Is it possible to import extra numbers via .csv or do we have to add them to 200+ users manually?


  • Jakob Peterhänsel

    Now: Labels, labels, labels... for phonenumbers!

    Amazing why that is not a thing in Zendesk, as every other software on the planet have labels... 

  • Sylvain


    Do voicemails are obligatory created as new ticket with status "open" or is it possible to get them marked as "New"?

    Actually I would like that voicemails create tickets marked as new and visible in a view with all other tickets marked as new (via mail, Web form, Web widget) and not assigned to an agent.

    Currently all voicemails create tickets marked as open and are automatically assigned to the talk agent who is the  our list of talk agent.

    I checked my triggers to see if there was one that makes it works like this but I didn't find.

    I prefer to ask if voicemails can have the status new before to go further in the trigger settings in vain.

    Thanks in advance for your hep.

  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Sylvain!

    This is actually an interesting question...I'm not totally sure what the answer is. I'll see if I can find out for you!

  • Stephen Fusco

    Hi Sylvain, 

    By default Voicemail tickets are created as New without an assignee. I suspect you may have a trigger auto assigning them. You can check this in the tickets event logs. This article explains how to do so: Viewing all events of a ticket

    If you're still having trouble finding out why these voicemails are auto-assigning please feel free to reach out to us at support@zendesk.com and we can take a look. 

    Thanks for your question! 

  • Niloufar Lamei


    How can we import (via Bulk Import csv file) additional phone numbers?  How would one distinguish landline phone # vs. cell phone number?



  • Matheus Emmanuel

    Hi all: D!

    Is it possible to create a new ticket by the Talk Partner Edition API, setting the requestor by the caller's number?

    I did some testing, but I can not do that, when I set shared_phone to false and try to create a ticket, I get an error message that the number is already being used by a user in my Zendesk.

    Anyone here have the same question?


  • Matheus Emmanuel

    Hi Niloufar,


    I guess that possible create multiple user identifies:



  • Romona Blackwood

    Hi Matheus!

    It is absolutely possible to create a ticket using the Talk Partner Edition API and set the requestor as the caller's number. To help you through the process, I would recommend reviewing the CTI Developer Guide below:


    As well as Zendesk's Talk Partner Edition API documentation linked below:


    I hope this helps. 



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