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    Brett Youngberg

    Can numbers be added to an organization as a direct number so that a company's main outbound caller ID is associate with the organization instead of one of it's employees? Or are we going to have to create a user that is really the organization so that tickets don't automatically get assigned to the first person from that company that called in or has the company number set as a direct number?

    Did I read it correctly that users can only have one shared number? What about companies that have multiple outbound caller IDs?

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    Tom Gaynor

    Can we add labels to each number (i.e. Home, Work, Cell)?  I do not see any way to differentiate the numbers.  The current setup makes SMS very difficult if you do not know which numbers can receive SMS messages.

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    This feature is long awaited... Good to see it's finally here.

    Is it possible to import extra numbers via .csv or do we have to add them to 200+ users manually?


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    Jakob Peterhänsel

    Now: Labels, labels, labels... for phonenumbers!

    Amazing why that is not a thing in Zendesk, as every other software on the planet have labels... 

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