Viewing customer context in a ticket

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  • Lila Kingsley

    Interaction history is blank for us--this article it makes it sound like it would show the last 10 tickets by the requester or "other related events",  I assume other related events"  means the events API EAP referred to in this article (

    Just to be clear, will nothing appear in interactions (even recent tickets) until the Events API is in GA?

  • Dustin King

    Looks neat! Is there anyway to add custom user fields to the essentials card (especially being able to pick/choose which appear)? And possibly to edit them from there, similar to the notes field?

  • Jack Harrison-Sherlock

    Are there any plans to open the API so we can port in custom information into the details section (not interactions) fed from our own sources? 

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Nice feature, love how the interface makes it seamless to move between ticket and user data.

    Some feedback and questions:

    • For some reason, our custom user fields aren't appearing? These contain crucial data we pull via web service to help our agents, and we'd like to have them displayed in the essentials card.
    • Even better, I'd like the option to select which user fields appear to the agent. For example, the essentials section displays user tags, which is something that confuses our agents. (Is there a way to hide this?).
    • Feature request (1): ability to display custom user fields w/ visibility options (show always or only if has value) + add quick-copy click button to all that are text/regex.
    • Feature request (2): something like contextual workspaces but for the user profile fields.

    Thanks in advance, also @Jenn for the update regarding interaction history rollout.

  • Ксения

    Nice feature, i have some wishes:

    would be lovely to control which user fields are displayed. Especially interested in custom fields.

  • Terry Knox

    We also don't seem to have interactions showing. 

  • Thomas D'Hoe


    Nice feature! Thanks for this.

    Would it be possible to integrate the "Patfinder app" in the interaction history part? 
    That would be nice, so we can see wich articles the end-user is searching on our helpcenter, right from the interaction History.



  • Camilla Nørgaard Christensen

    Is there a way to customize the fields presented here? I have some custom organization fields set up that I would like to show up in the customer context/essentials card.

    Thanks! :-)

  • Swarnava

    Nice feature. Would be very helpful if you add small count for number of Open/New tickets of requester. 😄

  • Amy Waugh

    same here

  • Dylan Cunniffe

    Yup, same here. While some are showing the interactions most are not.

  • Jennifer Vargas

    Thanks for your feedback, everyone! We've had to slow the rollout of the interaction history for some accounts. For these accounts, the essentials card should be available now with the full rollout of the interaction history happening over the coming days. I'll keep this thread updated with any changes.

  • David Thair

    Not seeing interactions either, even for people who definitely have lots of interactions...

  • Gaëtan Tobie-Echeverria

    Same here, nothing displayed while I have a tons of tickets for interactions with one user.

  • Thomas Barnisch

    Same here...

  • Harrison Crerar

    We've noticed that all of our Guests are showing as Edinburgh for the time zone, even for support channels without an EMEA presence. Is anyone else seeing similar information?

  • Steve Filer

    Same for me...

  • Guy Raz

    Hi Zenesk Team!

    Is there any way to display the last 10 interactions with the same organizations, and not only for one user?

  • Jennifer Vargas

    Update on the rollout of the interaction history: It has now been rolled out to all customers and ticket history should begin populate beneath the essentials card. As always, thanks for your patience and continued feedback!

  • Timur A.

    The same question as Lila asked - we see nothing in the interactions field.

  • Pablo Rodriguez

    No interactions history showing either. Also, the time zone seems to pick up the incorrect Time Zone. Our Contact time Zone is Melbourne but default to Canberra.

    Can we have an update on these issues, please?


  • Alex Clausen

    Hi, looks great with the timeline. Any plans for making it possible to include phone calls in the list.

    And does the list incl. tickets a user i CC on?

  • Michael McMahan

    Having count numbers for the amount of tickets per status like in the User Data app would be amazing

  • Yann Souetre

    +1 No interactions displayed :(

  • Jennifer Vargas

    Hi Cassie - The interaction history is currently based on the individual requester. We're exploring support for Organizations, but don't have a timeline for that yet. We'll share any updates here.

  • Heather R

    Will this feature be included in our current plans? If so, which one(s)?

  • Gretchen Terrio

    Hi Everyone,

    We also have not Interactions history being displayed on our Zendesk Portal.  Would appreciate an idea of when this might be addressed.

    Thank you kindly,

    Gretchen Terrio

  • Cassie Dederich

    Is it possible to view tickets from other members of your organization within the interactions history list or just tickets from the requester?

  • Schuyler Weinberg

    Do these shortcuts still work? I'm not able to get it to flip between ticket fields and context

  • Nick Haddad

    Hi there, The article mentions that this is defaulted to an enabled state - I can't seem to find where the setting for this is. Can I make this disabled temporarily?


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