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  • Mary Paez

    Hi Explore team,

    I noted my suggestions for KB metrics in one of your articles.

    A piece that has been missing for a long time is the reporting on KB article metrics:

    1. Draft & Published articles (not only thru Knowledge Capture appl)
    2. Growth of KB 
    3. Article counts
    4. # articles in any phase of a workflow
    5. # articles broken down by Agent (and groups of agents, regional teams)
    6. Participation rate (# tickets closed w articles / # tickets closed)
    7. # article accesses (views of KB articles from Guide portal) - break articles down by author, by most accessed, least accessed

    Also, these reports need to be able to be filtered by Month, quarter, annually.  Should have ways to group teams of Agents by region or product and report on each group

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Mary,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback!

    Guide metrics are something our Explore Product Managers are currently looking into so I'll be sure to pass along the data you're looking to capture within Explore.


  • Mary Paez

      Hi Brett,


    One important metric that we calculate is the Link rate for each support agent by month.  The industry standard link rate (for KCS) is 65 - 85%.  So, we like agents to see their monthly results on a dashboard.  

    # of tickets closed with KB article links / # of tickets closed   

    Right now, they way ZD organizes datasets, we cannot get this calculation to work.  Is this something that will be available to us at some point?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Mary,

    I don't have any information on what metrics will be available at some point, unfortunately. Only that our Product Managers are currently looking into make this sort of data available. I'll let them know this is something you're interested in :)

  • Elijah Smith

    Hey team,

    I tried searching google for an answer but couldn't find anything on filter help.  I have multiple markets where I report on ticket tags.  I want to be able to show a query for the french canadian market for all tickets that have "language_fr and jobcountry_ca" tag.  But according to the query when i click both it is combining the results as tickets that have either tag.  How can I filter the results to have both filters applied to one ticket.  Thanks
  • Jessica Blake

    Hi Elijah,

    It is not possible to filter for multiple tags in queries. Using 'AND' in your custom metrics to search for tickets with multiple tags is also not compatible with the current data schema. The most robust solution would be to create two separate metrics, one for each tag, then use a filter to only return tickets that have a value on both metrics.

    First create one custom metric for each tag, per the instructions in the article Reporting with tags. Then add them to your query.

    Under Result manipulation>Metric filter tick Remove blank values under both metrics. Then you can hide one of the columns so you have only one column of results under Chart configuration>Columns.

    The end result would look something like this:

  • Ahaan Karha


    Is it possible to permanently filter data attributes? For example, the data filter allows me to exclude certain ticket groups. However, there is a certain ticket group that my team would never want to see and want to have that permanently excluded. Is there any way to do that? 

  • Delores Cooper

    Hi Ahaan!

    You could create a set to accomplish this! Check it out here:


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