Setting up Zendesk Support in Chat

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  • Bharath Kashyap

    Hi Nora,

    Am not having Zendesk Support tab in my chat dashboard.

    This is what am having under my domain

    Can I know how to get Zendesk support tab as am looking for Ticket integration to my Zendesk Support ?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Bharath,

    Do you have a Zendesk Support account set up already?

  • Bharath Kashyap

    Yes we have Zendesk support account as

  • Velma Balluta

    hi my name is velma balluta and i was just saying that how can you sign in to chat?


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Velma,

    If you have Chat integrated with Support you should be able to select the Chat icon from your Product Tray as shown in the screenshot below:

    If you have a standalone Chat account you can navigate to and enter your login credentials from there.

    Hope this helps!


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