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  • Judd Higgins

    How do I add the Knowledge Capture by Article Query (from the Zendesk Guide Dashboard) to my custom Dashboard that has ticket metric queries in it?  When I search for queries in the "Add Queries" it seems like a lot of the Queries that show up on the Pre-Canned Zendesk Support Dashboard are missing from the search (like Ticket Type and others):




  • Patrick Bosmans
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey Judd,

    The queries from the pre-built dashboards become available options once you clone the pre-built dashboard where they are connected.

    We create these queries as a spin up for the dashboard so in effect, they are not available for adjustment until cloned by the user.  (I believe the team is working on adjusting this, but no ETA at this time.)

  • Patrick Bosmans
    Zendesk Customer Advocate


    That is a great piece of Feedback for our Explore Product Team.  If you wouldn't mind posting this in our Product Feedback forum. Our Dev team goes through the forum on a regularly basis looking for customer requests to update and evolve the platform.

    For my part, I will also post this in our internal coms channels and see if they are aware of this type of request and, if not, about adding it to our development roadmap.


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