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  • Segio Daniel Hernández
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    How I create a downloadable report that shows the views of all our articles?

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hi Segio,

    In it's current state, Explore cannot report on Guide article views at this time. However, this is definitely something our Product Managers are looking into. Appreciate you sharing your interest for this feature!

    In the meantime, you'll want to enable Google Analytics for your Help Center as mentioned in the following article: Enabling Google Analytics for your Help Center

    This should help track the information you're looking for.


  • Lotte
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    How can I create a query where I compare Knowledge Capture Events (f.e. Linked Articles) with the total amount of tickets that have been solved in a certain year. We would like to analyze the percentage of tickets that were solved by using the Knowledge Capture App to see how much our agents are utilizing the Knowledge base to solve tickets.  

  • Andy Killingsworth
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    Hi, Lotte!

    Thanks for the question. The answer depends a bit on how exactly you want this data to be expressed. For example, do you want to compare a total of tickets to a total of KC events, or do you just care about he percentage? 

    For the latter, you could use the % Agent engagement rate metric, which shows how frequently the KC app is used on your tickets. Then if you add a filter for Ticket Status = Solved, you'll see that data for only your solved tickets. That should give you a solid understanding of the KC usage frequency.

    For more on those and other Knowledge Capture metrics/attributes, please see our reference article.


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