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  • Katie Dougherty

    Hi @...

    You are correct that in order to be presented with template options in the Knowledge Capture App, you will need to apply the KCTemplate label to the article. That being said, these templates are available only in the KC App, not the Guide pages. 

    I found a few relevant feedback posts in our Community where our Product Managers can review your suggestion and see upvotes from other Community Members.  Every time we get more feedback on a specific topic it helps our Product Team prioritize new feature releases!  See the following post: Knowledge Article Templates

  • Sara Gardinier

    Hi Katie, it appears your link to is no longer valid. 

  • Katie Dougherty

    Thanks for letting me know, Sara! It seems that post has been archived as it is out of date. I would encourage you to post your feedback in the specific prodyct feedback section so others can upvote your suggestion to our Product Team! 

  • Sham Moodley

    I've created 2 templates, visible to Agents and Admins. I can see the templates (image below) when creating a new article from the KC app. The agents cannot, they can't see the templates and get the following message (image below)

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Sham,

    Since it was recently created, I suggest that you asked the agent to refresh their account session by clearing cache and cookies, log in and log out, and use an incognito browser. If the issue persists after the basic troubleshooting, you may reach out to our Customer Support to further check.


  • Ahmed Esmat

    Is there a way for the help center template articles to read ticket fields when creating an article using the Knowledge Capture App?

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Ahmed! Currently, that is not possible with the Knowledge Capture App. I recommend posting this to our Feedback for Guide page, along with your use case. We truly value customer feedback and your voice and votes in the product feedback topics in the community help influence future Zendesk functionality!

  • John Streeter

    I'm noticing that while the actual template article works, it's still selecting the default Template (field) for the articles created using a template. 

    Is there a way to change that? Unfortunately it's causing problems and breaking process because the correct Template field value is not being carried over from the template article.


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