Setting up Ticket View in Salesforce

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  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Gaylene,

    Just to confirm, are you talking about sending tickets over into Salesforce as Case objects? If so, then the Ticket View offers a few options that the Case object wouldn't: most notably:

    • The ability to see ticket comments
    • The ability to create new tickets/update existing tickets for uses who have linked agent credentials

    Hopefully this helps to answer your question!

  • eng

    Your instructions have been very good and accurate up to a particular point on this page, but then I've encountered multiple ambiguities that are leaving me stuck. 

    I successfully completed the "Enabling and configuring Ticket View for Salesforce".  But it is not clear what is the next step.  Your instructions say...

    OK, but I was able to install the ticket view package, so I assume that means I can skip that step, right?  OK, then what is the next step then? 

    Is it this ? ...

    I never created a Lighting component or Visualforce page, but your instructions are very vague at this point on what I should do next, so I guess I'll go ahead and try this step.  But, then I immediately run into a problem...

    But I have no "Edit Page" in my "Setup" cog...

    I do have "Edit Object", so let's take a wild stab at that....


    Bzzzt, gong.... not at all the same screen you show in your instructions. 

    So, I'm kinda stuck here. 

    Also, another issue with your instructions on this page... the second to the last step on this page is...

    I *can* successfully complete this step, but then at step 4, you say...

    Ummm... but then the instructions end.  Where is the "Setting up Ticket View" section?  Wait, that's actually the main title of this web page... so now I'm really confused... this step is referring to a previous step?  I don't get it.

    Please help.  Thank you!

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Eng,

    Thanks for calling out the lack of clarity in our documentation. I'll try to explain here, but it may be easier to hop onto a screen-sharing session or cover this within a ticket. 

    You mention "I never created a Lighting component or Visualforce page", but you mentioned that you were able to install the ticket view package. Per our documentation:

    The reason that you're not seeing an "Edit Page" option is that you're not in a specific account, you're looking at the list of accounts. If you click into one of them and then go to the Setup menu you should see that option.

    I'm going to flag this article to add a step in between points 2 & 3 to clarify this:

    Please let me know if this helps you to get things set up.

    Thanks for the feedback

  • Nevena Imetska

    Hi Dwight Bussman,

    We are using both the ticket sync to cases and the tickets view. Both working fine, but I was wondering if there is any way I can setup the ticket view component for the Cases. We would like to be able use the ticket view on the Case to review comments which are currently not synced with Salesforce. When added to accounts and contacts the ticket view displays the tickets list but when added to cases it doesn't show anything. 


    Nevena Imetska

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Nevena,

    The ticket-view is only available on the following objects:

    • Account
    • Contact
    • Lead
    • Opportunity

    This is likely why you're not seeing any results on the Case object. 

    Could you please clarify the workflow that your Sales folks are using to pull up those cases? Rather than looking at the case objects themselves, could they just use the view on the Account/Contact area instead? The Case object is intended more for reporting/workflow purposes, whereas the ticket-view is meant to give that granular comment-level detail.

  • Anika Rani
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Update: We have released changes to the setup process for Ticket View, making it easier to start viewing tickets in Salesforce. This requires the installation of a Salesforce Managed package, which you can install during the setup process or on the Ticket View configuration page in Admin Center. Installing the Managed Package will automatically create the lightning component and visualforce page (VFP) in your Salesforce account. 

    What happens if you are already using the integration and Ticket View?
    You can continue to use Ticket View without disruption. The next time you disconnect and reconnect, you will go through the new setup process and need to install the Managed Package. You'll then need to add the new lightning component or VFP to your Account, Contact, Lead and/or Opportunity pages and remove the old ones. 

    Don't worry, all your Ticket View configuration settings will be saved. 

    Please post any questions in the comments! 

  • Spoof poof

    Any updates on allowing clients or users to modify the columns that is shown from the ticket view?

    I think this is a huge gap with the current ticket view given that most clients create custom fields that are critical to the tickets being managed in Zendesk, and providing that option would allow clients to view those critical information from the get-go in the Ticket View component in Salesforce

  • Steven Aranaga

    We recently had to disconnect and reconnect our new integration and have the following issues:

    1.  I am getting these on my normal users, but the integration user that I used to make the connection shows current tickets.

    2.  How do I delete ALL other Zendesk integrations after this is setup?

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk team member

    HeyO Steven Aranaga

    Both of these questions have a few possible causes/approaches, depending on your setup. I'd recommend raising a ticket with our Support folks to take a closer look into this on your behalf. 

  • Lauren Gallant

    We have ticket view enabled between our Zendesk and Salesforce instance. 

    Is it still possible to send multiple emails in a thread (multiple back and forth replies) in Zendesk to Salesforce in the first sync?
    Customer submits ticket, Zendesk agent responds, Customer replies, Ticket is sent to Salesforce and Salesforce has record of each email (3 total) in the thread.

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk team member

    HeyO Lauren Gallant

    When viewing a ticket within the Ticket View, there's nothing that's actually synced per se (as there is no object within Salesforce). It sounds like you may mean to describe the ticket sync instead, which operates by creating/updating Case objects in SFDC based on ticket activity in Zendesk. Those Cases will only carry the first comment from the ticket in their Description field - subsequent comments are not synced over. 

    If you'd like to see ticket comments, the complete history of a ticket should be visible within the Ticket View. That said, they aren't really synced in: only visible within the lightning/visualforce view. Hopefully that helps to clear things up a bit.

  • Joel Mayer

    Steven Aranaga  I am having the same issue.  Would you be willing to share what the outcome of your support ticket was?


  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk team member

    HeyO Joel Mayer

    There are a few things that could lead to this:

    1. The app-specific permissions listed in 

    2. The profile permissions of the user in question - making sure they have access to the SFDC API, the Canvas App, and the field used for filtering within the Field Matching section
    3. If you're using the Visualforce pages (as opposed of the Lightning component), you may also need to grant non-admin profiles access to the visualforce page: Salesforce > Setup > Custom Code > Visualforce Pages > Zendesk_Ticket_View_Account > (security)

    If the above still don't get this view working for you, please reach out to our support team to look into this matter for your account more closely.

  • Emelie Stjernquist


    I have a few questions related to the ticket view in Salesforce. How much information will the user see from a ticket in Zendesk? According to the videos you have, it looks like you can see all info and update the ticket in Salesforce. Is it possible to limit so that tickets are only listed and NOT to reflect information found in the ticket such as:

    • Description
    • Requester
    • ...

    What we want to do is to only list the tickets, not to give info about the tickets in Salesforce - A direct link to the ticket in Zendesk is OK.



    Best regards,


  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk team member

    Emelie Stjernquist

    Currently our Ticket View is a fixed quantity: there is not a way to hide fields/functionality (apart from the creation/editing capability which requires a linked zendesk agent). 


    It may be possible to cobble together a ticket-sync workflow that makes those ticket-related case-fields invisible to most SFDC users, but that's only going to show tickets synced from this point forward, and wouldn't include tickets which had closed prior to the activation of the sync.

  • Emelie Stjernquist

    Dwight Bussman

    Okey, thank you for confirming and the possible options in this case.

  • Cory LaPlante

    Is it possible to match the Salesforce account field to something other than a Zendesk org field? I've got internal customers creating tickets who work with external customers, and we set the external customer manually on each ticket with a dropdown field. That field works just fine for pulling Salesforce info into Zendesk in the sidebar app, but we'd also like to see tickets in Salesforce for each account. Right now they show for the organization the requester belongs to, which is not the actual external customer.


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