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  • Brooke Hamilton

    Can anyone tell me why when I create this report I have tickets that they say unoffered but also have attempts? 

  • Waseem Khan


    How do i create a report in which i should see what customer has asked and what articles have been suggested by the bot. Also i need to know which are the most articles user has tried to ask and which are the most suggested by the bot.


    Waseem Khan

  • Giuseppe
    Zendesk Customer Care

    HI Waseem,


    Using the Answer Bot dataset, you can use the following attributes to get the information that can help with this report:

    Answer enquiry

    The end user’s question for which Answer Bot looked for suggestions. The attribute values are limited to the first 255 characters.

    Article translation title

    The title of the knowledge base article in a specific language.

    And for the metric, you can use Attempts to get the number of attempts by Answer bot.

    With just these information, you can already create the simplest query that will give you the data that you need.

  • Matty


    I have created the above report, however it only shows me examples of Answer status 'resolved'
    and even when i select Answer Status and filter to unoffered - its shows nothing.

    I know i have tested the answer bot with some obscure questions so we should have examples of 'unoffered'

    Any ideas?

  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Matty!

    Try loading the report again for the Answer Status 'Resolved' & check the ticket ID. It is possible that you might have an automation or business rule that is closing the tickets with the 'offered' action since you mentioned nothing comes up in the report. 

  • Matty

    Hi Dianne Lopez

    Thanks for the reply - it doesn't look like is the case.

    I must admit im having huge struggles trying to build/get the reports i want for Answer Bot.

    The out of box one is good but i need to drill down more and my attempts have failed.

    I'd really like guidance and advice on building a report that will tell me the following on any given date:-

    • Total of how many times a question was asked by a customer
    • What question they asked
    • Was an answer offered or not
    • If answer was offered - what was that answer
    • If answer was offered did the customer rate it helpful or not

    We also get an email ticket notification confirming if the answer bot has answered a question and the customer rated it helpful, however, i'd really like it to include the question that was asked and what answer they rated as helpful ie solved it.
    I'd also really like for email ticket notifications to come through when the bot failed to answer or the customer stated it wasn't helpful - just find it unusual that we get a ticket email sent to us but it holds no info and is only for when the customer says the bot helped - what's the point?

    I feel pretty blind when trying to report the effectiveness of our bot.  I've seen other providers which much more comprehensive out of the box reporting or much more user friendly reports to build.

    Im hoping you or anyone in the zendesk answer bot universe can help me - or point me in the direction of someone that can build the reports i need and i'll pay them!

  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Matty,

    For your 1st and 2nd question, that would be a bit difficult to tally since you are listing your customers' types which most likely doesn't follow the same format as the other end-users. 

    You can use the metric "Attempt" along with the attribute "Answer Enquiry". This would list what your customers type and also count how many times they entered it.

    As for your 3rd, 4th & 5th question, this can be provided by the metric "Answers" & the attributes "Suggestion ID" which would show the  ID of the knowledge base article suggestion sent by Answer Bot. Then the attributes "Suggested article resolved & rejected" to see if they resolved the issue, or if it was rejected by the end-user.

    Creating a custom report is rather difficult we understand. We recommend always checking out this article when creating your report so that you'd know which metrics/attributes would best suit your needs. 

    As for your email notifications, I would always refer to this article which does share how you can update or customize your Answer Bot Email Triggers. 
    Also, Answer Bot emails are still processed by triggers. So it might be worth checking how your triggers are setup. Specific placeholders would be helpful if you'd like to include the original comment: Zendesk Support placeholders reference

  • Rich Andersen

    So, you can only see what query users have entered in the widget if they proceed to create a ticket. If they don't create a ticket you will never know what questions they are asking. ??? This is critical information needed to improve content but it is not available.

    Would be helpful to mention this at the start of the article. I've spent a lot of time trying to find something that isn't there.

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Rich,
    Even when there's no ticket created, you should still be able to find the data on those searches. If you are specifically looking to find those that didn't result to a ticket submission, then you can filter the data for Attempts to only show those with a null Answer Ticket ID; slicing the table by Answer enquiry should show you which enquiries aren't linked to a ticket.
  • Melanie paul

    Can someone help confirm what the 0's and 1's mean on a similar report to the one's discussed on this article?

    Does a 0 mean that there were no successful resolutions and a 1 mean that there was?

  • tanya.sivoborod

    Hi, I do not see the article recommendation option, but if I remove the answer bot selection, it appears in the list. It's not possible to select it to create a report. The widget recommends articles as expected on production, so I expect to have some data there.

  • Hayley Johnson

    I have followed these instructions but I cannot find 'calculated metrics' that I added in the Row's to select? 


    I am not sure where I have gone wrong?

  • Mike DR
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Hayley!

    If you created a "custom calculated Metric" it will only be available under "Metrics" in Zendesk explore.

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