Digitally signing your email with DKIM

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  • 罗迪文

    Hi, this is the error I met, please kindly help. The operation document does not work, I can barely understand it.

    And how to get this below page to appear once again:

    Look forward to your reply.

  • Ian Lotinsky

    This seems to be a global feature in Zendesk. We have multiple email sending domains. We're about to set up our first with DKIM in its DNS records. If we flip this global switch in Zendesk, will this negatively impact the other domains' ability to have Zendesk send email on their behalf? I.e. is it either DKIM for all or none or can we set it up for select domains?

  • Juraj Jarmek

    Hello @...,

    I see that this question/request was already taken into a ticket with one of your admins and that they are working on it.

    Have a great day and stay safe!

  • Jason Bennett

    Does anybody know if it is possible to have custom DKIM keys? We have a large institution and do not want to globally enable DKIM for the domain. We can't use SPF. 

  • Russell Chee
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Jason,
    Thanks for reaching out on the community post, I hope you are doing well!
    Unfortunately not, DKIM custom keys are not supported with Zendesk's workflow.
    If you have any further questions around this, please reach out to us and we'd be more than glad to help!

    Russell Chee | Senior Customer Advocacy Specialist | Melbourne, Australia

  • HI

    For multibrand do we just add each brand domain as per above?

    Example for two brands: > Points To > > Points To > > Points To > > Points To >

    And so on for each branded domain?

  • Ariya

    what is "domainkey" stand for? am i just need to write "domainkey"?


    How if my domain email is used like example

    am i need to write like this: ?

  • Ariya

    Chad Susa (Gravity CX - Zendesk Partner)
    maybe you can help me to answer my question

  • Hi Ariya

    Below is our DKIM config in our DNS settings manager:

    I had to attach a screengrab as this article editor is weird. I couldn't format text correctly.


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