Enabling side conversation child tickets

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  • JC Hall

    This feature is not listed in Settings\Tickets as described.

  • Jupete Manitas
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Mark, thanks for writing in! Yes, it is a known limitation for agents with no public comments access. It looks like it is copying the Light agent permission. As per this article Using Side Conversations child tickets: Light agents cannot create, send, or be assigned side conversation child tickets. It is also mentioned this limitation in the above article:

    • For agents assigned to custom roles to create child tickets through side conversations, they must have permission to create side conversations and make public comments in tickets.

    We also tested it on our test account and we experienced the same behavior. 

    Thank you and we hope this helps! 

  • Elizabeth

    Hello, I am reacting to Jupete Manitas  answer. I understand from the answer that users with only private comments allowed, are not able to create child tickets at the moment. However, is it something that we can hope for the future? Even though it’s a copying the light agent permission, in the logic of this feature I don’t see a reason why an agent with only private comment allowed would not be allowed to create a child ticket and assigned it to another group.

  • Dana B


    Is there a way to suppress an email being sent to the ticket assignee when a side conversation is being replied to via a child ticket? ie:

    1. Tier 3 engaging Programming via Side conversation "Ticket" assigned to the group Programming. Tier 3 put the original ticket status to "On-Hold" with Task and due date
    2. Programming responds back to the agent by creating a Public Response to the ticket. 
    3. The ticket re-opens because the original ticket has received a reply to the Side Conversation and the agent actions the ticket

    Our agents primarily work in Zendesk and do not use email except for Company Communications.  I believe this is the workflow for most Help Desks/support centres so the email that is also sent to the assigned agent is redundant and also clogs up their inbox.  Is there a way to suppress emails that programming sends to agents on side conversations?


  • Jorge Moreno

    Thanks Austin! I had thought of both, but trying to avoid automating based on manual work, any typo would cause the trigger to fail in this case, which is why I mentioned macros as another option. It is for a highly sensitive project (complaint handling) and failure to comply in this case can have serious consequences, so we need to make sure that the pipeline is pretty solid and escalable.

  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Elizabeth,
    When creating a side conversation child ticket, the composer doesn't have the option to toggle between internal and public notes. The side conversation page will only agents to write public comments and because of the inheritance pattern between parent and child tickets (as described in this article), private comments will not appear in the side conversation interface of the parent ticket.
    As Light Agents do have permission to make private comments, it is possible for them to open an already existing child ticket in the Support interface and add a private comment to the ticket. 
    You can also visit the article Using side conversation child tickets to read more about this.
    Hope this clarifies!
  • Jorge Moreno

    Hi all,


    Haven't been able to read through all the comments, so I'll ask myself:

    Is there a way to populate fields like form and custom fields when creating a child ticket? IF I want to send a ticket to another team, I would like to be able to populate them correctly, so they fall under the right views and the receiving team doesn't need to manually edit them every time, is this possible? I don't even see the option to do it through macros.



  • Nacho Santana
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Dana,

    Zendesk uses default triggers to send those notifications, so it is possible to prevent that email from being sent to the assignee creating a trigger for side conversations or adding a condition in a trigger. As this require a bit more investigation, I have created a ticket on your behalf to continue working together. 
  • Ravindra Singh

    How to enabled Side tickets? I am into Setting>Ticket page, in the entire page there is no option for enabling side conversations?

  • Mark Nino Valencia

    Users with roles with only private comments allowed, child tickets are not allowed. Is this is a known limitation? 

  • Austin Killey
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Really good question @...:

    There wouldn't be any ticket forms or custom field editing available when initially creating the child ticket beyond the assignee/group, subject and ticket description but: We could get somewhat close by setting up triggers to look for specific key words in child tickets and have that ticket info automatically added by triggers once the child ticket has been created.  

    For example: With a ticket subject like "Technical Support: Please assist", you could create a trigger that looks for "Subject text > contains the following string > technical support" and have its ticket form automatically changed to a tech support-related form.

    Otherwise for a slightly more manual but precise approach, you could quickly open the child ticket once it's been created by clicking on the newly visible internal note in the parent ticket. From there, you'd be able to apply macros or modify ticket info as needed before the receiving team makes their way to the child ticket.

    Thanks again Jorge, and let us know if there's anything else we can help out with!

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi JC -

    Sorry for the confusion! Side Conversations are included in our Suite Professional and above plan levels (as indicated by the graphic at the top of this article). If you subscribed to our standalone Support product prior to February 1, 2021, you may still be able to purchase the Collaboration Legacy Add-on by contacting our Sales team via the link in this article: About Zendesk product legacy add-ons

    Otherwise you'd need to upgrade to our Suite. See How can I update my subscription?

    I'm sorry I don't have an easier answer for you, but I hope that at least clarifies the situation.

  • Jacob Bergman


    Thanks for this feature! How do I create a trigger that opens the parent ticket on reply of the child ticket? 


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