When will my account be canceled if I don't pay for my subscription?

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  • Jimmy Liang

    If I cancel the subscription, will my account for this month still take effect?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Jimmy,

    If you cancel your account you will lose access to it immediately. I would recommend waiting until the end of the billing cycle before cancelling your account so you can access your data up to that point.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Seven Lin


    I want to know that when our support plan expires, the plan will be continued automatically or not? Since we have set the Paypal information for our account? If it will charge automatically, should I cancel the subscription or account before the plan expires if I don't want to renew? Looking forward to your reply.

  • Dave Dyson

    Per our Master Subscription Agreement, accounts are automatically renewed. Therefore, if you want to cancel your account and not be charged for renewal, you should cancel before the end of your current subscription term.

  • Christin Eriksson

    We would like to stop using Zendesk 31th of december. We are using auto-payment every month the 14th.

    Question: Do we cancel our payment-card the 13th of November(Zendesk cant withdraw money) and cancel the account the 31 December? Can you please advise, it is not totaly clear. 

  • Phoebe Morin
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Christin, 

    When your current subscription has been payed off, you can maximize your account until you reach your scheduled renewal date. When the system attempts to renew your subscription and got unsuccessful (due to the card you have on file) then your account will be suspended 22 days after your supposed subscription renewal date. That said, Zendesk will no longer process payments. 

    I hope this clarifies!

  • Sohag


    Good afternoon from Bangladesh.

    My account shows - Your account is billed annually, with the next payment due July 3, 2022. and My invoice period is -07/03/2021-07/02/2022


    what does it mean and when I must pay otherwise account will disable?
    If it will disable, can I get a grace period to pay the bill further.


  • Rodalyn Aventurado
    Hello Sohag,
    Please be informed that all subscriptions in Zendesk account are in auto-renew term. This means that after the current contract on 07/02/2022, the subscription will automatically be renewed for another year. Unless, you decided to cancel the account but  you need to inform us 30 days before  the next renewal. You may refer to Master Subscription Agreement for more information.
    Thank you.

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