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  • Manuel_LightAgent

    Does the Zendesk ticket need to remain open (less than closed) for the Jira update to function? It seems that once the Zendesk ticket is SOLVED, the link from Jira  back to the ticket is broken."

  • Theodore Cooke

    Is it possible to have our Zendesk integrate with multiple instances of Jira? Our corporation has multiple divisions that are working on becoming more integrated, and we would love to have our Zendesk integrate with both the Jira instance for my division and with the Jira instance for another division of the corporation

  • David Gillespie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Manuel_LightAgent,

    Yes, that is correct. Closed tickets can't be updated, so the ticket must be open (i.e. not closed) for the updates to pass through via the integration.

    Hi Theodore Cooke,

    Unfortunately the integration can only connect a single Zendesk account to a single Jira instance. We have noted this as a painpoint for a lot of customers and I've added your feedback to this request to allow multiple instance integrations.



  • Michael Whitson

    We would like to store the Zendesk ticket ID in a custom field on the Jira side so that we can query this back in JQL results. Is there any way to do this? For example, if the system field for ID or URL came back in the Zendesk integration, I could map this to a custom field and then be able to JQL... Thank you! 

  • Jupete Manitas
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Michael, thanks for writing in!
    By any chance did you come across Using the Jira field syncing feature? The field syncing feature allows near real-time data sync between Zendesk Support and Jira and can sync Zendesk ticket fields to compatible Jira issue fields. If that feature will not suffice, you can consider the external customization that refers to utilizing the Jira API (for server: and/or Zendesk API ( to get, add, or manipulate data from either of those applications. Customization is out of the scope of support but is something for developers. Thank you and have a great day! 
  • Gowen POTTIEZ


    I need to import SLA from Zendesk to Jira. 

    But when I do the configuration of the "Zendesk Support for Jira" the SLA field is mentionned as view-only field on jira. 

    Do you know how I can take the field SLA coming from Zendesk to copy it into a jira field ? 

    Thanks a lot.


  • Efrat Barak Zadok

    Can I have all the comments in a related jira ticket reflect in the Zendesk ticket automatically as internal comments? By that I mean that there wont be an extra step/action to set the comment as Zendesk support.

  • Efrat Barak Zadok

    Is there an option that we can set "add a reporter as a watcher" to be mandatory or that this checkbox will be by default checked?

  • Marci
    Hi Gowen Pottiez, 
    Thank you for your inquiry, You're asking about the integration of Jira with Zendesk and how to automate the process of copying comments from Jira to Zendesk as internal notes.
    The Jira app for Zendesk has the capacity to automatically send Jira comments to a related Zendesk ticket, but they will be added as public comments, not internal (private) ones. This is because of the app's design and functionality.
    However, there is another possible option as a workaround. It's not innate to the Zendesk and Jira integration, but you can implement it using a third-party service, like Zapier or
    1. Create a Zap or a Bot in either Zapier or that is triggered every time a new comment is added to a Jira ticket.
    2. Select an action for the bot or Zap to perform when this trigger occurs. In this case, it should add an internal note to a ticket in Zendesk.
    3. Map the data fields from Jira to the appropriate fields in Zendesk, including the comment text and the ticket ID.
    4. Test the bot or Zap to make sure it works correctly.
    This can automate the process of copying over comments as internal notes, however, it will involve an extra tool and might require additional budget depending on the number of actions you undertake each month.
    Also, always remember to respect privacy and confidentiality principles when sharing comments or any ticket data within or between applications. Always ensure the data being transferred in this process is allowed to be shared.
    Yes, you can synchronize comments from a Jira ticket to a Zendesk ticket automatically. This can be done by using an integration service such as Zapier, Integromat, or some built-in integration services offered by Zendesk or Jira.
    However, please note that the comments imported from Jira automatically will be considered as public comments by default, because the standard Zendesk for Jira integration does not carry over the public or internal setting.
    While Zendesk and Jira both have capabilities to integrate to a certain degree, the level of granular control you're asking for (transmuting Jira ticket comments into internal comments in the associated Zendesk ticket) is not natively available.
    If you want to enforce that all synced comments from Jira are internal comments in Zendesk, you may need the help of custom development or scripting. It requires more advanced knowledge and may also call for additional permission settings in both Zendesk and Jira. Here, please consider involving software developers
    Lastly, I recommend reaching out Jira support to see if there are new features or third-party apps that may provide a more direct solution.
    For your second question , Yes, it is possible to automatically add the reporter as a watcher in Jira. But this feature is available only in Jira Server and Data Center versions. It is not available in Jira Cloud.
    To do this in Jira Server/Data Center, follow the below steps:
    1. Navigate to Jira Administration > System > Default User Preferences.
    2. Then in the User Preferences section, look for Default Autowatch. Select "Watch issues I participate in" or "Watch issues I comment on".
    Please note that this will set the default for new users only. Existing users need to change their personal settings.
    For existing users to change the Autowatch setting:
    1. Click on the user's avatar (top-right corner) then select Profile.
    2. Click on Preferences > Edit Preferences.
    3. Change Autowatch to "Watch issues I participate in" or "Watch issues I comment on".
    Remember, these steps won't work in Jira Cloud as mentioned earlier. In the Cloud version, each individual user needs to manually set their Autowatch setting in their profile.
    As for making it mandatory, there's no built-in way to do it. However, you might be able to achieve it using plugins or custom scripting, but it would involve more complex custom development.
    Hope this helps and if you have other questions let us know.
  • Dave Naishal

    I'm receiving this error "Zendesk account linked to JIRA is no longer reachable" and this integration is created by admin only yet receiving this error.

  • Mike DR
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Dave!
    Has your team tried to reconnect the integration using an admin account in both Zendesk and Jira?
  • Dave Naishal

    Hello Mike-DR

    Yes the integration is set up by admin from their side yet we are receiving this error. 

    is this error occurred due to wrong URL pasting from both side while set up integration?

    What could be the reason?



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