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  • Andrea Rochira

    Hi there, 

    I downloaded our default theme (Copenaghen), made one single change to the manifest.json file to use API version 2 instead of 1 as explained here (in order to support the templating API v2 and enable the new features), but when I imported the theme back into Help Center Guide, I was presented with 16 errors found in 9 different files within the "templates" folder, how do I go on from there? (opening every single template file and remove the troubling entry?)

    I'm including a screenshot below to give a better idea:

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Andrea Rochira - I recommend that you contact our support team for help with this.

  • Debbie

    I am trying to export a theme from one brand so I can use it in another.  I have searched for "export theme" and it points to this article but I do not see anything about exporting it.  I'm not trying to export content; just the theme we have customized.  How do I do that?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Debbie! Just follow the instructions in this article or downloading a theme (this downloads the theme, not your Help Center content). Then switch your Themes page to the brand you want to import the theme into, and follow the instructions above for importing a theme, selecting the .zip file you downloaded. That should do it!
  • Niloufar Lamei

    Hi Andrea Rochira,

    I followed the steps provided here and only changed the one line (api_version=2). I also did the following:

    • Changed the Theme's name to Copenhagen-2.
    • Zipped the file.
    • Attempted to import the file, but I got exactly the same error as you did.

    Were you able to import your theme back? 





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