Can I include Facebook ads for ticket creation?

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  • Roland Cinco

    This does not work for me. Ad comments are still not showing up, and the ads are only a few weeks old and are still running.

  • Dwayne McConney

    I have the same problem. I can't see tickets created for ad comments and I'm also getting tickets created for Facebook ads but I can't respond to the tickets. They say "This ticket is for tracking comments on your post. To reply to a comment on Facebook, visit the linked ticket".

    I can't find the linked ticket that it refers to?

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Roland and Dwayne! In order to better investigate the issues you are experiencing, it would be helpful to have specific examples from each of your accounts. As such, I'll go ahead an open a ticket for each of you on your behalf. 

    As for the tickets that have the warning "This ticket is for tracking comments on your post. To reply to a comment on Facebook, visit the linked ticket", are what we might call "parent tickets." Parent tickets are the tickets created as holding pieces for the posts you put up on Facebook.

    Those parent tickets also have "children," or child tickets. These child tickets are the comments that your end users post in response to your parent ticket posts. When a response comes from your end user, that creates a new ticket and adds a comment to the parent ticket with a link to the child ticket. The comment will say "Ticket #XYZ created for Facebook comment from [end user's name]: [end user's comment]" where XYZ is the linked ticket ID. If there have not yet had any comments on the post, then you will not see any linked tickets in the comments of the parent ticket.

  • Etienne

    Hey, we have Facebook linked to Zendesk as well and also see comments from our normal posts.
    However, we would also like to connect our Facebook and Insta Ads to Zendesk as we get a lot of comments here.
    Is this possible?

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Etienne, I see that you already received an answer in the private ticket you submitted to us. As mentioned on the ticket and also on this article:

    "You can create tickets for Facebook ads to respond to comments. In your Facebook page setting, select Include unpublished posts to review unpublished posts as tickets in Zendesk Support. This allows Facebook ads for your integrated Facebook pages to create tickets in Zendesk Support."

    For more information, you may check this article: Editing your Facebook channel

    As for displaying comments from Instagram ads and converted as a ticket, this feature isn’t supported. As of the moment, you can add the Instagram Direct social messaging and this channel is only for collecting Direct Messages sent from the business’s Instagram profile or Direct Messages that originate from end-users replying to one of the business’s stories.

    You can find information on how to add Instagram Direct in this article from our knowledge base: Enabling and using Instagram Direct

  • Justin Dudek

    I have these settings configured in my instance of Zendesk, but it is not pulling comments on Facebook Ads into Zendesk as tickets. Even page post comments and DM's don't ALWAYS make it into Zendesk - and I've been unable to identify a rhyme or reason as to why.


    - Justin

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering

    Justin Dudek,

    This concern will require some investigation on our end. Hence, I have created a ticket for you. Please wait for my update via email and let's continue our conversation there.

  • Диана Зубок

    Hi, Dane Adriano
    I configured these settings in my Zendesk instance, but it does not load Facebook ad comments into Zendesk as tickets. I have not been able to determine the reason for this. Perhaps you have some recommendations. 
    Thank you 

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Диана Зубок, 

    Have you tried to reauthorize Zendesk Support's access to the Facebook page that is not creating tickets in Zendesk? The steps to reauthorize the connection can be found in this article. If the issue persists, you may also initiate a conversation to speak with customer care in realtime
  • An Luu

    Hi Zendesk Customer Care Team,

    Just want to know if we will run Ads by FB Messenger, users will ping us via those Ads in FB Messenger ==> will it create ZD tickets?

    I checked this article but it's a bit blur on if it will it create ZD tickets or not? ==> While ads created by Facebook Ads Manager create tickets in Zendesk, dynamic ads won't be converted to tickets due to Facebook's limitations.
    As my understanding : to enable the option on "Include unpublished posts", right? But this is for post, I'm asking for Ads by FB Messenger specifically. Or dynamic ads equal to Ads by FB Messenger? Is dynamic ads included our Engagement - Message in Facebook Ads Manager?
  • An Luu

    It's funny to wait for around 1-2 days to receive this kind of reply via chat support in Zendesk and the robot-like-result below. This agent don't even bother to check my concern.

    I'm asking about what's the different between normal Ads & dynamics Ads on Facebook related to the tickets in Zendesk. Since same as above, I plan to run Engagement - Message in Facebook Ads Manager.

    Theoretically, it's not dynamics Ads!



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