Setting up your public Facebook channel

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  • zeedalex

    Hi guys, I recently became aware of this Facebook integration feature and wanted to see if I could get some help on 1 thing. If it was mentioned before, I apologize for making you repeat any reply. I was able to incorporate our company's Facebook page without any trouble but since out company develops many different games, we have our tickets separated in Views. Is there a way I can separate the Facebook posts and Private messages into another View? If so, how can I go about doing that? I've tried messing around with it today but I couldn't seem to figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks,

  • Ollie Thirlwell-Pearce

    Hi There - 

    I want comments on our FB ads to raise a new ticket, to ensure that we respond, but I do not want each time we post to raise a ticket as that just clogs up the queue with tickets that require no action.

    We're regularly creating lots of ads in one go (as a new ad will go into multiple audiences) as well as posting on our social channels daily, so this is a bit of a frustration. Is there a way to block tickets from being created when we post, but still enable them on dark posts for ad comments? Alternatively, is there a way of automatically deleting these unnecessary tickets (I have tried automations but struggling to find something that will work!). 

    Keen to hear of anyone's solutions as I'm sure we're not alone in this!




  • Brenda Cardinez

    Hi Ollie,

    I created a ticket on your behalf to further assist you with this.

    Thank you!

  • Sini Juntunen


    Is there any update on the maximum 15 page -limit? Will it be expanded anytime soon?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Please have a look at the article below and vote if you also have a demand to expand Facebook Pages integration.

  • Mostha Rahaman

    my Facebook account login please help me DP

  • Pet Partner Mon

    Hello, we have 4 Facebook pages in our account, how do we know from which Facebook page the message is from? Is it possible to show the Facebook page name instead of just "Facebook"?

  • Tainashiri

    It is not intituitive and this article did not make it clear that after you set up your FB Channel you have to Edit the FB Page and then activate what kind of comunication you want to convert as tickets.

    The article implies that the "Editing your Facebook channel" is just a guide on how edit anything if you need to one day, someday, maybe...

    and not that this is a vital part of the steps configurations of this new channel!


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