How do I show the Web Widget (Classic) on click?

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  • Shweta

    How can I close the web widget when I click anywhere outside that widget?

  • DJ Buenavista Jr.
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Shweta,

    Thank you for reaching out to Zendesk Support.

    In regards to your questions, I believe the following information is available from this article. If you're looking to hide the Web Widget on click, instead of showing it. You can modify/edit the following line id="showWidget" to "hideWidget".

    Again, just a disclaimer Zendesk does not support or guarantee the code. Zendesk also can't provide support for third-party technologies such as JavaScript, jQuery, or CSS.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day ahead!

    Kind regards,

    DJ Buenavista Jr. |
    Customer Advocacy Specialist 

  • raffaello favagrossa

    Hi Everyone,

    we have a similar need. We would like to be able to open at the click on the link the main page containing all types of ticket form or directly on the ticket form present on the web widget to try to divert in the best way the consumers. We don't understand how to implement the script in order to make the web widget receive the function.

    Any suggestions? :)


  • Ram

    Hello there Raffaelo, to allow the widget to start with the ticket form or a selection of the ticket form as soon as it has been activated. Your widget settings should only have Contact form enabled. (This means disabling Help Center, Chat Talk). Hope this helps!


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