Creating user segments for Guide user permissions

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  • Andy Hsieh


    Is it possible to increase the " maximum number of 200 user segments"?

  • Nextbank

    Hello Nigel, 

    AFAIK this is not possible in Zendesk. User must have access to Support in order to access/manage Guide. 

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    Noelle Cummings

    Yes! Permissions are article-by-article. Just set the Visible To permissions to "Everyone"

  • Olivier Degardin

    Hi, you wrote: 'You can create as many as 200 user segments per account'.

    Today, we have 22 segments, more to be implemented in the future.
    We just see 20 segments, on the right, via 'Visible to' / 'Visible pour' in the Help Center. 

    IT'S A BUG!!!!!

    One of the 2 missing segments is the one that we use the most.
    We have more than 1000 articles.
    The workaround (a bad workaround) is to type manually the missing segment, this word is not suggested even in the automatic writing.
    For information, in our style.css file, we have no '.nesty-panel' class, which seems to be the used class for 'Visible...'.
    Please upgrade the limitation from 20 visible segments to 50 or 100. 
    Zendesk Support team (+ Product Management team) is unable to provide a solution, to take this request into consideration.


  • Nigel


    Can I create a user who can only access Guide workspace but not the other workspaces such as Support, Chats, talks, etc? 

    Hoping to hear from you soon. 

  • Amanda Black

    Noelle Cummings when viewing article settings, you can change the "Visible to" to be "Everyone". This would give access to anyone regardless of sign in status. :)

  • Jon Daniels
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Interesting use case, Kreg!

    I couldn't find any feedback regarding this in our Product Feedback regarding Guide, so I encourage you to share this feedback regarding user segments here: Feedback - Help Center (Guide)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Karen Beltran
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Kate!

    Yes, that is the only way, is to restrict the Help Center.

    Restricting Help Center access to signed-in end-users


  • Kate Ambash

    Is having end users sign in the only way to gate help centers?

  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator

    @... - Our end users can no longer access Guide through IE because of an error on the Zendesk sign in page. If we bypass the sign in screen, then the site works with no problem.

    If you don't use a sign in for Guide, then I'd suspect that it will likely work. However, there's no guarantee since it's an "old" browser.

  • Jason Thomas

    End up going through Google Android developer and you actually get to learn the coding process whether it's a lot easier and it doesn't identity provider and self back check with a Google account

  • Ronald

    Is there still a limit of 50 organizations in a segment?

    I was planning to map our organization concept in our SaaS product to Zendesk organizations and then I'd only have to worry about managing/syncing organization membership across both systems.

    With a limit of only 50 organizations I think I'm better off using Organizations only as a condition for triggers, automations, views, etc. in Zendesk Support. And rely solely on user tags (rather than Org membership or Org tags) as the basis for user segment membership and permissions in Zendesk Guide.

    This seems to complicate our new user onboarding in our SaaS product. Now instead of leveraging an existing concept (Company/Organization) as the basis for content permissions we have to have new user creation also add a user tag to the linked Zendesk end user profile.

    Am I missing something here or is that going to be my best approach given this limit of 50?

    Edit -- Ok wait, I think I've created a problem for myself that doesn't exist. We'll be creating Zendesk Organizations and setting the appropriate tags to the orgs upon creation. And then I'm going to be building my user segments based on the and/or presence of the Org tags. So the limit of 50 orgs will not in any way restrict this setup.

  • Amy Gracer
    Community Moderator

    @... Are you still seeing this error? When I have seen it in the past, it has usually been a permissions or network issue. Logging out entirely, closing the browser, and restarting has seemed to fix it. 

  • Kent Alorro

    Hi! I do have a question that I am hoping you can answer. I would like to hide and show contents based on the customer's location but in the attribute, it doesn't include 'location' as one of its options. Can this be done in other ways?

    There are some articles that we wish to hide for our US customers and we would like to create a user segment where the attribute is based on the location of our customers. How do we go about this? 

  • Olivier Degardin

    Hi. I guess guys from Zendesk team may be in position to help you before Christmas! From my understanding following your questions, here are some steps to follow:
    1/ from Admin Center



    2/ from an article (Help Center) to modify/edit


    3/ 'Visible to' - choose 'Signed-in users' or another segment?


  • Paul


    I am trying to create a user segment that includes all of our staff except for those in the Light Agent role. Is this possible?

    I could do it by.creating a segment that includes all groups except our light agent group but we are provisioning users via SCIM so every time we add a new agent user group we would need to remember to add that group to the user segment which is not ideal.


  • Steven Hampson

    Hi there, 

    It says in the article that you can "apply user segments to a help center", but I can't see how to do this. 

    How can I apply the user segment to the entire help center rather than by individual articles? 

    I would like to restrict the whole help center to internal signed in staff, by default, and then grant certain additional access to customers with user segments but without retroactively updating all the existing articles. 



  • Bryan Hilton


    It says you can add up to 50 additional individual users to a user segment.  What if you add a tag to a Customer's (user's)  contact information and use the same Tag in the Users and organizations matching ALL of these tag field?  How many users can you tag?

    Also, for this particular user segment, I selected Signed-in users(Admins, Agents, End Users) since most of our users will not be admins or agents to our Zendesk account.  Please let me know if this is the correct option/reasoning.

    Thank you so much.

  • Kreg Sherbine

    Hi. Is it possible to define a segment with exclusion logic rather than inclusion? I have an article that should be visible to anyone signed in who is NOT in one of four specific organizations. I see how to create a segment containing all other current organizations. That would work for now... but as we add organizations, I would have to manually update my "all other" segment. Is there a way to apply "not" logic so I wouldn't have to do that? Thanks.

  • Olivier Degardin

    Hi @Erik Boudreault. Thank you. It's quite blur.
    Reminder: I wrote in a previous comment --> "The Zendesk Support Team (+ Product Management Team) is unable to provide a solution to accommodate this request.". If I should raise a new ticket to Zendesk Support team with the same request, it makes no sense.
    Original request =
    Please inform me about the evolution, the status of the bug that you (or a Product Manager or anyone else in Zendesk team) raised with the complete items I already provided. I guess external clients have no access to your tool to raise then follow the bugs.
    Kind regards,
    Olivier (NEOFI)

  • Olivier Degardin

    Hi Steven Hampson. Please find a screenshot attached - the hidden characters in the URL have to be replaced by your own information = Company name or used name for the declaration of the domain, id.... It may help you. Regs,

  • Sam
    Community Moderator

    It would be helpful to have user segments also consider custom user fields as evaluation criterion. Right now, our team would need to have an external process update tags via API, which is not slick. Having extra user data available between support and guide would make this process far easier.

  • Erik Boudreault
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Olivier!
    Apologies for the lack of info. I deferred to creating your own ticket for you to provide as much info as you needed in the ticket.
    Here are all the ways you can submit a ticket to us:
    Let me know if you need any further information!

  • Brad Bazley

    Is it possible to segment based on:

    • Users' standard/custom fields?
    • Users' group membership?

    We're provisioning our end users to Zendesk via SCIM, so ideally we'd like to limit HC article visibility to a specific department or team, which can be determined either by the values in their standard/custom fields for Department, or an externally populated group provisioned to Zendesk.

    We're unable to use organisation to distinguish between teams, as Org membership is determined by email domain, and all users share a common domain suffix.

  • antonio.lozano

    Hi Team , 

    Our Organization needs to set different user permissions in Guide   for :

    • Forms ( It will only be available for  employees) 
    • Knowledge base ( it will be available for external customers + employees ) 

    Any advice on how to set this configuration please? 

    Thanks very much

  • Sam
    Community Moderator

    Hi Brad Bazley! For user segments, it depends on if you are creating one for Signed-in users (which includes End Users) or Staff (which are Admins and Agents only).

    For Signed-in users, you can filter by tags (either organization or user), organizations, or by listing individual users (there is a limit). You can't filter by Group here, because End Users cannot be assigned to them.

    For Staff, you can filter by tags (either organization or user), groups, or by Individual users.


  • Sade T.

    Hello!! I am trying to create a Community of Moderators. Once I go threw all the steps I move down to the drop-down arrow to add my user segment name but only a few appear so I type out the name of the segment and it doesn't appear. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong at this point. I would love some guidance to clear this up. Thank you. Also want to add that the user type is Staff not signed end user. 

  • Tapcheck Support

    Hello - our company is looking to use user segments to gate our Zendesk Help Center. We would like to add all organizations to a single Segment. Why is the limit only 50 orgs per segment? Is there a workaround?

  • Brad Bazley

    Thanks for the clarification, Sam

    We're trying to limit visibility for signed-in users, so I understand your point re: groups only being relevant for Agents/Staff.

    For Signed-in users, we'd ideally like to segment based on values contained in the User Fields. It doesn't look like these fields can create tags, so what would be the best option here?

    If our only choice is to segment based on Organisation, is there any other automated means of associating a user to an Org (i.e. Org = Department, with users provisioned by SCIM to the relevant Org based on their "Department" attribute value from the source identity provider?

  • Noelle Cummings

    Hi all! 

    Is there a way to un-gate specific articles created so they can be fully viewed by anyone regardless if signed in?



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