Host mapping - Changing the URL of your help center

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  • Zahedul Islam

    Is there any way to deploy zendesk cdn at my Data Center. So, that my user can access zendesk content with low latency ?

  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Goated,

    I tried loading "" & was routed to your Help Center but with the URL "" & not "". So I guess everything is working fine now. :)




  • John E


    Is it possible to rename the top-level domain of the Help Center to something like <> instead of a traditional top-level domain like .com?  If so, would I follow the steps outlined in the help article Renaming your subdomain, or possibly host-mapping outlined in this article?

    Thank you.  

  • Viktor Osetrov
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi John,

    Thanks for your question. It's mandatory to use a separate subdomain. This is an example: 
    `For example, suppose your company is called Mondo Cameras and the address of your main website is After the company signs up to Zendesk Support, the initial address of your help center might be something like You can change the help center's address to a subdomain of your company's domain, such as You can't modify your support address to direct to a specific page within your subdomain, such as` 
    Hope it helps
  • John E

    HI @...

    Thanks for your reply.  I want to specify a different top-level domain for our help center.  Can I host-map >  For example, instead of the help center address reading, it will read and re-direct to the help center.  Thanks again. 

  • Mark K.
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi John E,

    Thanks for your question!
    You should be able to host-map with a .help top-level domain. Any extension should work as long as it is a functioning and active domain. It can be .com, .help, .assist, .support and host-mapping should still work. 

    I hope my answer helps you!

  • Andy Huitt

    If my current website has a portal for members to sign in through Dynamic 365 managed membership database, can I use that information for SSO purposes if I host map my help center to my current website?

    Trying to eliminate the need of our members having two accounts for our portal and the zendesk HC.

  • Luthfi Rahman

    hi Zendesk team,

    I have my zendesk default subdomain for my company ("") get redirected to my company own domain for help center (""). It works well on the web browser, redirection works automatically. The problem is, on zendesk SDK for mobile (iOS and android), only zendesk default subdomain for my company shows the help center page. If I use my company own domain for help center in zendeskSDK fo mobile, the page only shows blank page.

    Can anyone help me on this?

  • Jennifer Gillespie

    We are adding host mapping and I noticed an odd behavior.  We can use the host mapping for end users to get to our Help Center and log in as desired; however, when they click "Sign In" the logon screen goes back to the subdomain url instead of continuing to show the host mapping url.  Once they are signed in, the url goes back to the new host mapping url. 

    Is there a way to ensure the the host mapping url always shows for the Help Center including the sign in view?  Have we missed a step in the setup? Or is this a limitation that cannot be avoided?  (screenshots below to clarify what we're seeing)

    Brand setup:

    SSL good to go:


    1st page load shows host mapping url that was typed in:

    Hit sign in the the url updates to the subdomain:


    Complete sign in process and it goes back to the host mapping url:

  • Ross Thomas

    One of the steps listed above is for the Cloudflare changes to support the DNS changes we're implementing.  However my Zendesk login doesn't allow me to log into the Cloudflare site.  Does this change only allow those people USING Cloudflare for DNS to update those details?

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Ross! Yes, the step To configure a CNAME in the CloudFlare dashboard is only applicable if you are using Cloudflare for DNS. I'll make a note to update this article so it's more clear for folks!

    1. Imola Szabó

      Hi Community!

      Is it supported to host map 2 URLs for a help center?
      In our case it would make sense to redirect to both:



      I would appreciate any insight.


    2. Gabriel Manlapig
      Zendesk Customer Care
      Hi Imola,
      I'm afraid that it is not a supported workflow to set up multiple domains on a single Help Center portal. An alternative workaround is a simple redirect service that redirects anyone visiting to
      I hope that helps. Thank you!
    3. Imola Szabó

      Hey Goated,

      I had the same thing, but it's very easy to resolve. Double check the part above:

      Setting up a hosted SSL

    4. Leslie Johnson

      If our Support ticketing system is hosted by Zendesk in Europe, what would be the URL of the host Help Center associated with the ticketing system? 

      For example, in the US, the URL is <mybrand> 

      What is the equivalent for the UK or France?

    5. Shaun Murray

      Jennifer Gillespie

      My company is encountering the same issue. It is especially confusing for customers logging into our second help center since it redirects to the subdomain of our main one for the login screen (which is a different company). Were you able to get an answer on this?

    6. Jennifer Gillespie

      Shaun Murray No. I have not received any feedback on this one from Zendesk.

    7. Gabriel Manlapig
      Zendesk Customer Care
      Hi Shaun,
      The sign-in page will always reflect your default Zendesk subdomain. This is expected and is due to recent fixes around 3rd party cookies. This change was to improve the overall login flow for host-mapped accounts for users who have 3rd party cookies blocked.

      This is also documented in this article.

      I hope that answers your question. Thank you!
    8. Shaun Murray

      Hi Gabriel Manlapig,

      I have read and commented on the article you linked, and another Zendesk Customer Care Gab has asked me to put in a support ticket to resolve this bug.

      If it is expected to reflect our default subdomain for separate brands then I suggest you discuss with Zendesk's security team how they would feel if a login page redirected them to a completely different company with no reference to the company whose site they were trying to log into.

      Thank you for responding!

    9. Efrat Barak Zadok

      After we have host mapping in place - why do sender address on emails sent from Zendesk - still show the old subdomain?

    10. Neil
      Zendesk Customer Care
      Hi Efrat,
      Host mapping won't affect the support address you have set up in your account. This will only change the URL the end-user sees when navigating to your help center.
      To change the support address that end-users see on your email reply. The best way would be to add a new support address and set it as your default. If you plan to add an external support address, you would need to follow these steps to allow Zendesk to send emails on behalf of the external support address.
    11. Efrat Barak Zadok

      Hi Neil

      Thanks for that. Can you confirm adding new support address that is used today as a support email alias won't break anything?

      Also - I noticed we have today 3 different addresses. Is there any harm in deleting those which were not set up in the account? 

      Last - I noticed that the new support address I would like to use is currently being used by an end user and thus I was not able to create it. If I will change that end user to be an agent - will it allow me to create this new address?



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