Enabling and disabling private ticket creation

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  • Support Admin

    In this article it says:

    If your account was created after this date, your account doesn't include the option, and this article doesn't apply to you; please see Creating a private ticket for an end-user instead.

    If you go to that article, it states:

    Private ticket creation must be enabled before an agent can use it. You must have administrator privileges to enable this feature. See Enabling private ticket creation.

    Which then brings you back to this page, i.e. a circular reference.

    So how do I enable private ticket creation for my newer instance?

  • Niki Hayes

    Is there a way to enable private ticket creation, but still have Public Reply be the default?

    Muscle memory of creating and answering so many tickets can mean agents pay less attention to detail. Obviously, this could create issues if one is made but it's meant to be the other.

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Niki,

    Yes, this is possible as long as the option "Agent comments on all tickets are public by default" is enabled, the Public reply option should be selected by default. 

    Agents must use the channel switcher to create private ticket on behalf of the requester or end-user.

    I hope this helps! Thanks!
  • Niki Hayes

    Thank you, Gabriel. The article made it seem like that would be overridden.

    When private ticket creation is enabled, comments on new tickets created by an agent become private comments (internal notes) by default, as do all subsequent comments, until a public reply is made.

    But I guess by checking the public default option, it overrides the override.

  • Mike

    Is this still something that can be changed?  When I visit the ticket settings, I do not see an option to make all agent tickets public by default.  We use an API to create tickets and some end users are also agents, so when they create tickets, the initial comment is private by default.  Even specifying "public":True in the data packet, does not make the comment public.  This is preventing some triggers from firing and from the ticket showing up in a CC user's account.  Thanks!

  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Mike!

    Could you send me a screenshot of what your Admin Center>Tickets>Settings page looks like? The option should still be available on your end wether or not you have Agent Workspace enabled.


  • John DiGregorio

    Hello - we create tickets for customer maintenance and do not want them to show on the community for the customer to see.   We do need them to be logged under the customer account for tracking purposes.  Is there a way to hide a ticket from the customer?  I understand if there are no public comments it will be hidden.  However, we have an integration in place and once is a while someone will post a public comment.   Any help would be greatly appreciated


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