Zendesk Text number availability and pricing

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  • Luke Dobson

    If we don’t pay by invoice but purchased a year subscription when is costs for SMS & Talk billed? Is it monthly and if so is it to the credit card on file or can it be via invoice?

  • i u l i a

    Hi Luke! Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

    If you do not pay by invoice but have purchased a year subscription, the cost for your Talk and SMS usage will be deducted monthly from the credit card on file. You also have an option to pre-purchase Talk credits when paying by invoice, if you would like to change your payment method you can contact your account manager or I can open a ticket with them for you if you like.

    You can find information on Talk billing in this article from our knowledge base: Zendesk Talk billing FAQ


  • Poslany

    if we bring our own number, what's the price for sending outbound SMS messages? 

  • Alex
    Hi Poslany,
    If you port your number in Zendesk, the price will be the same as the ones displayed in this article.
    The price for sending outbound SMS varies according to the country where you are sending it.
    You can use the "I text customers in" dropdown menu and select the country where you are sending the SMS to display the prices.
  • Legacy Admin

    I’d like to submit a suggestion to offer fixed monthly or annual pricing for talk and texting. I’ve used vonage business voip phone service for years now, and the main reason I don’t switch to Zendesk talk is there is no fixed pricing for domestic (USA only) usage. Please come out with a fixed pricing model for talk in the US!

  • Cameron B

    Is this pricing the same as if you were using the notify user/group trigger?

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Cameron,

    SMS notifications are sent via Trigger, and yes the pricing applies when you use the trigger. SMS pricing is based on the phone number the text message is originating and/or being sent to, and if the SMS is an inbound or outbound texts.

    For general information about triggers and Text, see Automating SMS support with Text triggers. Hope this helps!
  • Enrique Wallace

    I have a question, If I make phone calls from my computer to I have to pay for that ?


  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Enrique,
    There are call costs for inbound and outbound which is charge per minute even you make the phone calls from your computer. Here is a helpful article where you can check the Talk usage costs.
    Zendesk Talk number availability and pricing.
    I hope this answer your question. Thank you!

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