Troubleshooting common email problems in Sell

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  • Rodger Bradford

    When I send a bulk email some of the results say that the email has been processed and there is a link provided to compose a new email for those recipients.  What does this mean?

  • Rodger Bradford

    Okay, I figured it out.  The "processed" message is referring to a merge tag error.  This is because the customer's first name field was empty.  

    It would be tremendously helpful if we could have access to the First Name field in our smartlists.  

  • Stephen Frost

    Problem: My Gmail / Google Workspace email got disconnected, which removed all email from Zendesk Sell, and when it reconnected, it never re-sync'd the majority of my conversations. 

    Solution: In the article above it mentions that it only syncs emails in Inbox / Outbox. Which means it doesn't sync anything that's been archived / sent. By moving all my sent emails (huge PITA) into the inbox, it syncs them.


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