Troubleshooting emails that are missing or not syncing

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  • Ted Feng

    Hi team,

    For the point "An email address is being used by more than one person", how can I tell immediately which card was the 1st one created or I have to check one by one?


  • Jakub Tutaj
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello Ted, one of the workarounds I'd suggest is to:

    - open Smart List of leads or/and contacts, use Table view (right top corner to switch views)

    - add a "Days since last communication" column to the list

    - use the search option on the Smart List to lookup the name of interest

    - the one you're looking for should have some communication visible in the "Days since last communication column"


    See screenshot:

  • Mike Englebrecht

    Wondering if you can help me understand this better:

    The Sell email integration mirrors your external email account, meaning that if an email is deleted on your email server, then it will also be deleted in Sell.

    If you can’t find an email in Sell, check your external email client to see if it was deleted there.

    I ask because I've attempted to test a few scenarios and am getting mixed results.  We are using Microsoft Outlook.

    Scenario 1: I am a CC on an email sent to a contact.  In Outlook I open and read the email and immediately delete it (the email now in "deleted items" folder).  In SELL, the email is not synced (not present) in the contact record (when I view it). 

    I then go to the deleted items folder, move the email back to the inbox and mark it unread. Re-open the email, then move it to a contact folder.  In SELL, the email is synced in the contact record (when I view it). 

    Scenario 2:  A few months back I had an exchange (via Outlook) with one of my contacts.  In SELL I found one of the emails I had sent, and targeted it as a "delete" test...  I then went back through my "Sent Email" in Outlook, found the email and deleted it (moved it to the deleted items folder).  In SELL, the email is still synched to the contact record.

    I love the email synching, just want to make sure we aren't inadvertently creating situations where those message are "wiped" from SELL, while also avoiding the need to "convert" every important email into a note.  

    Appreciate any input on this, how we might approach it, what else we could be doing, etc. as I'm working to instill "best practices" across our team.    

  • Patrycja Walencik
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Mike, 

    thank you for sharing with us those scenarios. By definition, we don't sync deleted mailboxes. When it comes to the second scenario, the time for sync might be extended, and there was a lag -  it could be a reason for email visibility in Sell. Are you constantly seeing this e-mail in Sell?



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