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  • Erik Greenwood

    Thank you Dwight, I will check out the search syntax

  • Maurice Horan

    Is there a way to search for tickets that have no type i.e. that aren't tickets, incidents, problems, tasks etc?

    I have a number of tickets in my queue that don't have any type and I need to quantify them.



  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Maurice, 

    Is there something common with those tickets? If yes, I suggest that you create an Explore report and use that common information like tag, email, and or created date, as a filter to show those tickets on your report. 
  • Antal Clavel

    Is there a way where I can search in the contents of a PDF attachment in tickets?
    (eg. I am looking for an order" which is referred to in the PDF but not in the accompanying email text.)

  • CJ Johnson

    I just cannot make any part of custom fields search actually work.  I have one that has literally thousands of tickets with values.  

    I couldn't get it to work for any specific value, so I tried the star method, and even that says no matches. Has there been an update to this feature? Can we no longer search by custom field values? 

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi CJ - 
    Your screenshot (thanks for including that) makes it look like there's a blank space between "custom_field_" and the field ID number. Can you try removing that blank space and see if that helps?
  • CJ Johnson

    Dave Dyson I can confirm there's no space. Also, this same search works great via the API without issue.


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