How do I forward tickets to an external user?

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  • Joshua Lawley

    This is probably the biggest oversight by Zendesk. Not being able to forward emails to coworkers that do not work in the Zendesk platform is very time consuming. 

    For example I have to snip the Zendesk customers inquiry and forward it to other coworkers that are still utilizing outlook in their day-to-day operations from my Outlook account. 

    The suggestions above are kind of worthless. Not one of my coworkers outside of Zendesk want to receive Zendesk survey's because I have changed them to the requester, or put them in a CC status. They do not want to see any of the other Triggers that have been put in place in Zendesk either. 

    Common Zendesk. Do better!!

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Josh, are email side conversations something that could work for your use case? Using side conversations in tickets

    Granted, there are some limitations to that feature (as explained in the above article), but at least you wouldn't have to leave Zendesk in order to send the email (or make your recipient the Requester or a CC).

  • Darren Taylor

    Isn’t side conversations a paid for addon though?

  • Dave Dyson

    HI Darren,

    Side Conversations are available in the Suite Professional and above plans, and as a Legacy Add-on for Support plans:

  • Edwin Schukking

    Since forwarding tickets to an external email address might share personal information (in the sense of data privacy, e.g. mentioned in GDPR) in an insecure manner, we are careful how to share ticket information beyond Zendesk.

    Being able to forward the data from one or multiple Zendesk tickets to an external email address would IMHO increase the risk of sharing personal information in an insecure manner.

    Currently, we either export the ticket as a PDF (or use the API to export multiple tickets as JSON) or create a new light agent account, so a non-agent can leave an internal note in the ticket(s). Because for us, even the Side Conversation is a risk, since you can embed the ticket content in the email message created and on top of that it will reveal the name of the end-user. 

  • Viktor Hristovski

    I have our company's employees in Zendesk as end-users and we have each users manager in a user field for the user. I would like to know how can i CC, or email their manager. I wanted to use a target, but i can't put {{ticket.requester.manager_email}} there. Any workaround?


  • Holly
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Viktor, I'd suggest using the workflow in Option 1 for this use case. You will need a target and trigger for each email address so that the appropriate manager is emailed. You can differentiate between them by using a unique tag in your triggers. Hope this helps!
  • Marina

    Does a thread exist about this someone in terms of feature request?

  • Ryan Worthen

    It's very frustrating that in 2023, agents still can't forward all tickets. It appears that only tickets submitted by email may be forwarded, but not tickets submitted via a web form. WHY?! 

  • M haider

    Here I want to update fellow members, you can not forward tickets directly but you can send emails to external email using Targets, just head to Admin Center > Target > Email Target, set it up first there. then create a trigger and use this target as action.

  • Tim Woodruff

    Forwarding is a basic function of email for decades. How is this not been solved yet. I don't want to create targets and triggers, etc. I just want to be able to BCC and forward emails from Support. 

    This is a terrible experience for such a costly service. 


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