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    Our average chat wait time seems to be around 80 to 90 seconds in Zendesk Explore, but our agents are actually answering almost immediately when they see a chat coming in. However we have a trigger set to automatically start an outbound chat at 120 seconds - does that in some way affect the chat wait time numbers? Otherwise, can you think of why these numbers would be so clearly inflated?

  • Taylor Bowser
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi @...

    Chat wait time is defined as the following: 

    The time the end user waited for the first reply from an agent. If no agent replies, then this returns the total time the end user waited before leaving the chat session.

    Is it possible that there are missed chats inflating this number? I always recommend creating a test query to break data down by individual Chat IDs/Ticket IDs. This will allow you to pinpoint which chats/tickets have a high wait time causing this average to be higher than expected. 


  • Trina

    The chat department filter is a bit limited. You can see all departments, no departments, or a single selected department. We have our departments segmented by language support. So our EMEA regional manager would want to view the dashboard by selecting multiple language departments. Right now, she has to open multiple Zendesk browser windows, select a single department in each browser window in order to monitor each of her departments. It would be awesome to be able to select multiple departments so that she doesn't have to be looking at multiple browser windows to get her information.

  • Israel Ramirez

    How much does this cost?

    Thank you!

  • Jeff C
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Israel,

    Kindly refer to our pricing page here for more information regarding which Plan this feature is available to.

  • Aaron Hill

    Is there anyway for a Lead to monitor an active chat for the Agents in their departments? 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    If you are pertaining to the currently served chats, the only way to do it is go to Chat > Visitors and access the currently served chats manually. 
  • Unir

    Retaking Trina's observation, I concur: the possibility to filter by multiple departments is very important. We have the same issue, with many departments divided per markets and sometimes we just want to select some of them without having to open multiple tabs. Is there any way to do that? Is it in the zendesk roadmap? 

    Thanks in advance!

  • Emil Susort

    Is there a way to use this dashboard on a separate display/computer without having to log in to my own user on that computer/display? Some sort of dashboard display user that does not require a license.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Emil,
    As it turns out, the functionality that you have mentioned is not supported when it comes to the Chat Dashboard. You will still need to login with a Chat user to access it.
  • Larisa


    We have created two separate Zendesk profiles to be able to display the Chat Monitor dashboard on two separate monitors. It has been noticed that when we try to log in to these profiles, the Monitor tab appears ''as connecting'' until after few minutes the page will become inactive. 

    It is important to mention that this is happening only when trying to log in to these specific profiles, as the Monitor tab works fine when logging in from my user account. 

    Thank You!


  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi DUB,
    Upon checking this issue was already resolved through a ticket you have submitted. For visibility I'll include the findings here.
    The issue occurs due to Chat rate limits. More information can be found on Streaming API rate limits. Users are encouraged to make sure they close tabs with Monitor open before opening a new one, and to ensure they are not lot logged into chat on multiple devices. 
  • Nate Schimmoller

    Similar to Aaron Hill's message this is a critically needed function. While the visitors tab is useful the default data it shows is not. The online duration for a visitor shows the time that the visitor has been on our site not how long they've been on a chat.


    For example we have a chat that has the online duration of 2 hours but they only joined the chat 24 minutes ago. What would be beneficial is to have either / or both the chat and engagement duration instead. 


    This would allow supervisors and Workforce Management teams to monitor the queues in real time and find chats that are taking a long time to resolve. Ideally this would help troubleshoot in the Chat Monitor page which chats are currently running longest and find agents that may need help wrapping that interaction. 


    I've provided this feedback on Ticket #11144522 but also want to put it out more publicly as it may show the widespread support this type of change would has. 


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