Measuring visitor satisfaction with chat rating

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  • Sidakarya 69

    Hello, I am inspired by your article, how happy I am to get the knowledge from your article, hopefully it will be useful knowledge in the future. thank you

  • Dawn Anderson


    When a customer rates negative on email csat they can choose from one of preset reasons, is there a reason this is not available on chat please?



  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Dawn,

    I don't know that I can answer the "why" question aside from it's just not something that's been prioritized, but here are a couple of workarounds we can offer -- both rely on the Chat-Support ticket integration.

    The first solution could be to turn off the CSAT option in Chat and rely on the Support trigger to send the CSAT survey on the ticket created automatically from the chat after it ends.

    The second option could be to keep the CSAT rating option turned on in Chat and create a trigger in Support to send a followup on the ticket when the ticket channel is Chat and the rating is bad. This would give you and the customer the option to followup on the negative rating.


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