Implementing simplified email threading for email applications

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  • James Clark

    Hello - I wanted to confirm, I have some triggers using the "Notify Target" action (not the email user/email group actions), but do include the placeholder {{ticket.comments_formatted}}. Should these be update as well? Thanks

  • Marcus Åberg


    We are new to Zendesk. I tried to follow this guide as this is in line with how our customers would expect email-responses to look. However I have the issue that images from the email history does not display in the end-user's outlook. Is this a limitation or is it something I have done wrong? Anyone else experiencing this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • nick

    In Apple mail is not enough space on the left side. Can we somehow manage to create a little space there? Our customers mostly use apple therefore it would be very helpful, thanks!

  • Vladimir Kochkovski

    @nick I had the same issue.

    As a workaround, I used this template that's a hybrid from the older version with the proper padding for Apple email and the new version with the Simplified Email Thread.

    Here is how it looks:

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
      <style type="text/css">
        table td {
          border-collapse: collapse;
    <body style="width: 100%!important; margin: 0; padding: 0;">
      <div style="padding: 10px ; line-height: 18px; font-family: 'Lucida Grande',Verdana,Arial,sans-serif; font-size: 12px; color:#444444;">
        <div style="color: #b5b5b5;">{{delimiter}}</div>
        <div style="color: #aaaaaa; margin: 10px 0 14px 0; padding-top: 10px; border-top: 1px solid #eeeeee;">

    Hope it helps.

    Make sure to test and make any changes needed to match your template before using it though.

  • nick

    Thanks, but it doesn't help at all. I already added a margin left, that works. 

    Just a question: Why is this update just good for Google Mail and not Apple mail? Because no one's using Apple mail anymore? 

    Thanks anyway. Maybe there will be an update where it just looks like a normal email template. 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi James,
    As per the article, it's only for "Email User" and "Email Group".

    Hi Marcus,
    I noticed that a ticket has already been submitted for this concern. Please continue to work with our Advocate for the resolution. 
    Thank you.
  • David Allardyce

    Dane Marcus Åberg I see the same in my {{quoted_content}} section since changing to simplified email threading. I have just logged a support ticket but was wondering if you'd had a resolution.

  • Eddison Ng

    Vladimir Kochkovski if you remove the delimiter check box you won't need to add the delimiter in the HTML code and it will work.

    I had the same issue as you and this fixed it.


  • Vladimir Kochkovski

    Eddison Ng thank you so much for the mention and for the solution! I appreciate that.

    If possible, it would be nice if the original article can be updated with the additional info, just to make it easier for the users

  • Marcus Åberg

    David Allardyce

    I raised a ticket and got the feedback that it was not supported at the moment. From Zendesk support September 12, 2022 11:53:

    "...I understand that you want the images to show on your simplified email thread.

    Our Engineering has investigated this behavior and confirmed that Simplified Email Threading currently does not support inline image previewing in an email thread."

    I raised a feature request for this, you and anyone else that would have use for this are very welcome to upvote here:


  • Eddison Ng

    Vladimir Kochkovski No problem! I think what Zendesk should do is put the settings of the other options, as it seems that if you have an older account a lot of changes are made, and the articles do not necessarily solve it right away. 

    That being said I found another issue. Dane, I am hoping you would be able to shed some light here. 

    I made a fake email account under "M" and did a conversation with my zendesk account. For context, both the fake email account and zendesk account automatically adds email signatures. 

    Everything works up to the fifth email chain, where Gmail all of a sudden stops showing the "..." functionality, which makes it slighlty confusing. I circled these areas in blue. The red highlights block out sensitive information.

    Im thinking to remove the quoted content placeholder however, upon checking regular email functionality I have a feeling I should keep it. If I remove it, I could see that the following instance would not work properly. If I add someone as a CC mid-email, they will not have any context whatsoever if I remove the {{quoted_content}} placeholder.



  • Vladimir Kochkovski

    Eddison Ng thank you for the reply.

    In my own workflow, that's exactly what I did. I removed the quoted_content placeholder from the template.

    I found that most tickets either have CC added from the very beginning or not at all (so nobody misses anything).

    Also found this to be compatible with most email clients, including Gmail and Apple Mail, and their way of grouping conversations.

    However, I'm not sure if it's something I can recommend to everyone, as their workflow might be different

  • Eddison Ng

    Vladimir Kochkovski

    Sounds good I think I will have to revert to that if nothing else works. In the meantime hoping Zendesk can give me a solution that allows Zendesk to perform like a regular email client.

  • Jamie Noell
    When agent manually creates ticket in ZD, first notification looks great. However, on all subsequent notifications, Zendesk seems to add a gray box with that "ticket format - name, date/timestamp" around the initial reply from the agent.
    By contrast, if the customer emails in, on subsequent agent replies, ZD does not add the gray border box. If there is a way to prevent the gray border and the "ticket formatted header" on a manually created ticket?

  • John E


    I am in the planning process of implementing the simplified email threading.  One concern I have is the instruction stating, 

    Updating the triggers and automations consists of replacing all the content of the action's email body with one of the following placeholders for simplified threading:


    Some of my notify triggers have text in addition to the placeholders, but the instructions state to replace ALL of the content.  Will the emails render incorrectly if I leave other text in the comment section of the trigger?
  • Jamie Noell

    John E, we have other text in our triggers with this placeholder, which works just fine.

  • John E

    Thanks for your comment Jamie Noell - I tried it, and it seems to be working without issue.  Cheers. 

  • Ben Levine

    This thread is great and has helped us a lot. Wondering if you know how to make it so when we send a reply to our clients that it does not come in on a separate email everytime? Would be great to have he email stay as on email conversation, just updated?

  • Anselm Engle

    So, I love this change, but it's seriously lacking in practical function for us. :(

    Here's why:
    Right now, I'm using {{ticket.latest_public_comment_formatted}} to show end users the latest comment from us. It's pretty great- they see our response, but don't see their own email to us.

    However, it doesn't include any background, so if the customer forwards the email to anyone, there's no quoted background to get context from. This is a problem.

    So I'm going to use {{ticket.public_comments_formatted}} because that includes the entire history behind a quote... but it *also* includes the comment the current comment is responding to (so: one comment ago) in the body. That's not idea, but it works.

    Then I find `{{ticket.latest_public_comment_html}}`, which is great, because it gets rid of all the headers and names and stuff above the responses, and makes it all much more compact and sleek. This is great! Except...

    ...there's no way to include a quoted history. I'd love to use something like {{ticket.public_comments_html}} to skip the header names, but still include the background behind a quote, but that doesn't exist and doesn't work.

    Can we get something like that set up? Ideally, moving the previous-to-this comment into the quoted text as well? So the customer sees our responses, without header names, but ALSO has the option of expanding the quoted text to show history? That would be amazing!


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