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  • Jim Allred

    I've been looking all over and this article comes the closest. If you notice one of the fields on the ticket is "Rotten #" with the number "2" entered. Is there a good way to build a metric in Explore to total that number from multiple tickets? So of the 20 tickets last week there were 13 rotten bananas. Every time I try to do something similar Explore has that number way off of what I know it to be.

  • Sarah C
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jim,

    In that case, "Rotten #" is a simple numeric field in my test account. All numeric fields can be found in your metrics. In your case, I would set a date filter for tickets created and then use SUM as the aggregator for Rotten #.

  • Taylor P.

    I'm working in Sunshine Conversations and we have custom fields however when using Explore I'm not sure how we are able to query these custom fields. Advice?

  • Salim Cheurfi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Taylor, 
    I am sorry, it is not possible to get Custom Objects from Sunco in Explore. We are working on Custom Objects Version 2 that will be connected with Explore, however, this feature is not available yet.
    You will need to use the APIs to gather any reporting you are interested in
    I would recommend following our Announcements page, so you can get notified once a new feature is released.
  • gan ganor

    I created a custom field that has free text in it. The field is called Type - Problem Subject, but when I add that field to my report it won't show anything, despite that field being populated in many tickets -

  • Zsa Trias
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Gan,

    In this report, as the "Ticket problem ID" attribute is being used, the custom field "Type - Problem Subject" would return values if the field is populated in the incidents linked to the problem ticket, and not if the field is populated in the problem ticket itself. 

    If you need to return the value from the Problem ticket, you may use "Ticket ID" instead and use the filter "Ticket Type: Problem", however, it would not be possible to return the number of incidents linked on the same report. 

    I have found this similar request here in our Community, you may want to comment with your use case: Problem and Incident tickets - need a way to view the subject and detail of all incident tickets against a problem ticket, or vice versa



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