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  • Vincent Brendel

    When referencing {{ticket.status}} in a webhook, currently we receive the name/label of the selected value in the user's locale rather than the internal system value (new/open/pending/etc). As part of this change we'd really like to see another placeholder which returns one of the system statuses, eg {{ticket.system_status}}.

  • Alan Byrne

    When are these new ZAF APIs being activated.  I have enabled custom statuses in my zendesk and can see these custom status values in the submit button, but when I call ZAF.get('ticket.customStats') or ZAF.get('ticket.statusCategory') I get an error back, see below

    If I call ZAF.get('ticketFields:status'), I just get back details of the standard system statuses, there is nothing in the results to do with my custom status option values.

    Error: Path 'customStatus' doesn't exist on node 'ticket'
  • Rafael Santos
    User Group Leader

    +1 to what Alan Byrne has flagged. I also get errors for the following calls:

    And when calling

    I only get new/open/pending/hold/solved in the options.

    Upon digging a bit on our instance's settings, I seem to have found the cause for this. These are all our custom_statuses related flags:

        "custom_statuses": true,
        "custom_statuses_enabled": true,
        "sla_includes_operators_for_custom_statuses": false,
        "custom_statuses_enabled_for_automations": true,
        "default_on_hold_custom_status_deactivation_enabled": true,
        "custom_statuses_in_zaf": false,
        "custom_status_ticket_field_enabled": false,
      "react_ticket_custom_status": true,

    This would be caused by having custom_statuses_in_zaf disabled.

    FYI Gaurav Parbat

  • JJ Miclat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Apologies all, the General Availability launch of Custom Ticket Statuses (and all of the associated Apps Support API updates) got delayed to mid-Jan 2023.

  • Alan Byrne

    Any news on when the ZAF for custom statuses is going to be available?

  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Alan! We were waiting on the GA release, which was delayed a bit. Now that it has been/is in the process of being GA'd, it should be going into rollout soon, I'm just not 100% sure exactly when that will be for each customer. I've reached out to the team responsible for deploying and monitoring the rollout and when I hear back, I'll drop you a line with a more accurate timeline!

  • JJ Miclat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, 

    Custom ticket statuses is officially GA'd at 100% rollout across all Zendesk customers on Agent Workspace. 



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