What's new in Zendesk: July 2023

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  • Will Fitzpatrick

    Zendesk settings have changed. Unavailable associates can be assigned tickets. I just looked through June and July releases, no mention of this change

  • Elizabeth Williams
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    A new feature for Guide (Support for copying and pasting content from third-party document types) was announced on June 30 and didn't make it into the original "What's New in Zendesk: July 2023" article. I've added it to the Guide section with a link to Supported help center styles for third-party document types.

  • Craig Stiles

    The new UI is awful. How do I switch it back. It doesn't work for my workflow. 


  • Paul Dance

    I am not happy with the new UI it does not work for our business and now parts are missing.


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