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  • Michael Collins

    It is extremely rare that traffic from an actual human is misclassified as bot traffic by Cloudflare.

    1. Can we see an image of what it will look like to a customer upon traffic misclassification? Are "Zendesk" and "CloudFlare" front and center in the messaging on that page?

    2. Could you share some insight into how extremely rare defined? 1/100, 1/1000, or 1/100,000, or something else?

  • David Bjorgen

    Extremely rare? Our clients have been complaining about it for the past week. In addition, our internal staff is having to complete Captchas to access the administrative back end. How do we turn off this dysfunctional feature?

  • Chain Bridge Developers

    If you are running a good bot and want to have it added to the Cloudflare allowlist (cf.bot_management.verified_bot), contact your vendor to submit a request.

    We submitted this form and didn't get any response for 3 weeks now. Are you sure this form is the way to go?

    We think it is Zendesk who has to configure cf.bot_management.verified_bot in their Cloudflare dashbpard.

  • Matthias Gidda

    Does anybody else have the problem that due to this bot blocking thing, you cannot use SEO tools to crawl your Help Center anymore?

    We always used 3rd party tools to check for broken links.

  • Julien Maneyrol

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to force offering the CAPTCHA? We have had a massive spam attack from China a couple of weeks ago via one of our contact form from the help center.

    The spam attack was obviously done by a bot which used random emails from Chinese hosts IPs.

    We have disabled the form and cleaned up our Support (bulk delete spam and users), but we would like to be sure that this won't happen again before re-enabling the form.

    Thank you.


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