Creating capacity rules to balance agent workloads

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  • Lauren Benkov

    We recently started using SunCo and I want to understand how that's considered in omnichannel routing and in capacity specifically. Under messaging capacity, I don't see any mention of SunCo or of the channel we're using (Apple Business Chat). Will it be considered as messaging? 

  • Alice Vavasseur

    I have several questions concerning this topic:

    1- Is it possible to avoid that the first agent who connects in the morning receives most of the new tickets? Let's say we set a capacity rule to 10, and in low season we have 18 tickets in the morning and 3 agents, the 1st agent has 10, the 2nd to connect has 8 and the 3rd has none, creating a unfair situation.

    2- I have a situation in which my agents have less than the max capicity of open tickets, but there are still new tickets, of their group, with the tag omnichannel, that are not assigned to them automatically. How can this be?


  • Sujitha Pasupuleti


    I have the same question. Is it possible to define a time for when to auto assign tickets for a group? If the Agents are logging in early or working late they are being assigned with all new tickets. The first agent that logs in the morning is getting all the tickets.

    Is there a way to report on how many tickets are being assigned and view the Agent status?




  • Alex Hughes

    Is there a way for non-admins to configure capacity rules or is that for admins only?

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Alexander, 

    Yes, that is right. Only Admins are allowed to configure capacity rules for agents. 
  • Lloyd Marcom

    Couple of questions on this:

    Let's assume I have a user who is set up for 10 emails, 3 messages and 1 Talk. Let's also assume that they have gotten 2 messages that they are actively working. Since the do have 1 Talk capacity, if a call comes in can they be assigned that call (essentially now working 2 messages AND a phone call? Is there any way to shut down other channels while a user is working either not at or at capacty in another channel?

    Let's say in the above scenario this user has 5 open email tickets and is working 2 messages (with a capacity of 3). Is there any way to configure ZD so that any additional emails (up to the limit of 10) continue to get assigned and 1 additional active message might be assigned (to the limit of 3)  but a call wouldn't get assigned because we don't want our resources working chats AND calls at the same time?

    What happens to a chat or an email if all reps are are open capacity? I assume talk goes to Voicemail.

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Lloyd! The behavior you are referring to is what we call Focus mode. This mode isn't currently supported with Omnichannel routing. 

    If all agents are at capacity when a new messaging conversation or email is created, these tickets will simply sit in the queue until an online agent has capacity again. 

  • Jed Hollander

    Any plans to improve upon this? Like setting a hard cap of tickets per day, or being able to assign out tickets based on other fields? This works great in testing but even with skills, this is a very rudimentary setup.

  • Janet Holyoak

    Is it possible to have a single ticket count as 2 capacity based on the priority of the ticket?  Ie. if set to Urgent, then the ticket counts as 2 for an agent's capacity?

  • Jed Hollander

    Another thought. Can you confirm I have this right?

    Your definition of "Capacity" means that if a user gets lets say 5 tickets as open (that's what my capacity is set to) and puts 2 of those tickets into either "Pending" or "On-Hold" the system will assign another 2 new / open tickets?

  • Janet Holyoak

    Jed Hollander The example I have is that our team's capacity is set to 5 tickets.  If a customer designates a ticket as urgent, I want that ticket to count as 2 tickets instead of 1 ticket so that I'm only assigned 4 tickets instead of 5.  Typically urgent tickets require greater effort on behalf of our agents, so we want their capacity decreased when assigned an urgent ticket.

  • Jed Hollander

    My apologies Janet Holyoak I was addressing Sabra from zendesk. Your scenario makes perfect sense and another reason why this feature was prematurely released. There's not enough settings in place to configure the tool without massive amounts of triggers and clunky rules.

  • Jed Hollander

    Sabra  a question for you. Could you explain if there's a way using Skill routing to tag the tickets based on assigning each priority to a skill then setting a cap for each of those skills? I've tried to come up with a way but it does not appear to be working. Possible I have the skills based routing setup incorrectly.



  • Rob Tihanyi

    Hi team,

    We have a situation where messaging tickets that have built up whilst our agents are all offline all get allocated to the first agent who then goes online, ignoring the Capacity Rules:

    • Operating hours are 8am to 8pm
    • All agents go offline at 8pm
    • Customers join the messaging widget, get informed of us being offline and to leave a message
    • The messaging tickets sit in the queue, awaiting an agent
    • First agent logs in, gets ALL of the waiting tickets into their queue
    • Capacity rule is set to 1 message, 1 email, 1 call

    Are we missing something in our set up? Is this a known bug? Or should we be adding in some sort of extra rule? The next agent that joins just sits their waiting for the next messaging ticket, whilst the first agent has maybe 10 of them at once.



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